Archer's Line

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Archer's Line
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Enemy factions:

House of Exile (formerly)
Spawn of Crota (formerly)
Hidden Swarm
House of Dusk
Sol Divisive

Connecting areas:

Anchor of Light
Hall of Wisdom
Sanctuary (Destiny 2)
Seraph Bunker: The Moon (Destiny 2)

Area type:


Public Events:

Defeat Extraction Crews
Defend the Warsat

Patrol beacons:



Archer's Line (referred to as Accelerator during development) is a Fusion Coil Accelerator, a structure built on the Moon during humanity's Golden Age. Although now in a state of disuse, its main function was to fire cargo at high speeds from the surface of the Moon to the outer reaches of the Sol System, where further outposts of Man's colonial effort required the materials delivered by the Accelerator.[1]

Two years after the Red War, the Accelerator's structured has decayed even more and is beginning to collapse. The House of Dusk maintains a presence there, as well as the Vex Sol Divisive.

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