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October 6, 2019

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"Whoops! I didn't mean to send that many! My computer glitched out, sorry!"
Sent a message to Primus Draug'oth
"Hey, Draug'oth. I just noticed that Kirito Beater3 put your concept of N..."
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"Can you stop calling things attritions, please? Not everybody's perfect"
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"Yeah. I'll join you guys there."
Sent a message to Joskaa
"Hey there. Sorry I was gone for the past few months. Did I happen to mis..."
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"Heya. Yeah, I figured that out, but thank you for letting me know. ^^"
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They are against the Last City, they’re Cabal after all.


Also, do you want to go to the Destinypedia server on Discord, so that way you may have a voice in this thing.

avatar good with that, or what?


Whelp, time to run it Beyond light is almost here, which means the Season of Emperors, Elders, and Vipers are on the way....also I have manege to get to Discord. And after a small little conversation. My Fanfiction will be intersecting with User:Kirito Beater3. Which also means the House of Emperors will be mentioned in that Paradox DLC that Kirito was making.


Hey Brayden! I saw your message to Joskaa. To upload a photo, simply enter Special:Upload in the search bar and you should see the interface to get the job done. Keep in mind this might only work on computers... so... Anyways, ciao.