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This article is about the expansion. For the Hive Ogres, see The Forsaken.
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September 4, 2018


First-person shooter




ESRB: Teen (T) for Blood, Language, and Violence
PEGI: 16+


Forsaken was the third expansion of Destiny 2 and the seventh expansion of the Destiny franchise. The Forsaken campaign, as well as the Tangled Shore, was placed into the Destiny Content Vault on February 22, 2022 and is no longer available.


The Reef has fallen to lawlessness, and now the most-wanted criminals in the galaxy - the Barons & Uldren Sov - have organized a jailbreak at the Prison of Elders. You and Cayde-6 have been sent in to bring law and order back to the embattled facility, but things do not go to plan. Facing insurmountable odds, Cayde-6 ends up paying the ultimate price. Beyond the Vanguard's authority, you'll venture into the Reef alone and take justice into your own hands. Explore new regions, awaken new powers, earn a wealth of new weapons, and uncover lost Awoken secrets. The hunt is on.[1]


The expansion takes place in the Reef. The story revolves around a massive Fallen breakout from the Prison of Elders by a house of rogue undead Fallen pirates known as the Scorn, who are led by Uldren Sov, former prince and traitor to the Reef. Cayde-6 has been murdered by Uldren, and it is up to the Guardian to avenge his death. In the campaign, the Guardian must work alongside Petra Venj and The Spider to hunt down the eight Barons who lead the Scorn, culminating in the discovery of the mysterious Awoken homeland known as the Dreaming City.[2] The expansion's plot is non-linear, and its missions can be tackled in any order. The missions consist of hunting down the Scorn Barons. After doing this, players receive access to the expansion's finale, where they confront Uldren.[3]

The expansion delves into the backstory of the Awoken, while Variks will play a role in the narrative.[4]


Early on, the developers decided that for Forsaken, they wanted to tell a story with high stakes, but make it personal. This led to the idea of the Guardian making a choice and seeking revenge.[5] Cayde-6 was decided as the character to be killed off to spur this. After this was decided upon, this became central to the expansion's narrative and motifs of a western atmosphere and lawless frontier.[6]

Forsaken is designed to have a darker tone than previous instalments in the series, taking the series in a darker and more serious direction. However, it has been noted that future stories in the universe won't necessarily be as dark as Forsaken itself.[4] The name "Forsaken" refers to multiple elements within the story. Uldren is forsaken. The player's Guardian has become forsaken by the Vanguard during their journey. The Dreaming City was forsaken by the Awoken at some point.[7]


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Guardian subclasses[edit]

  • Nine different supers added: one to each individual Guardian subclass.

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Guardians, Residents of the Last City, and their Allies
The Cabal Empire
The Fallen
The Hive
The Reef and Distributary
The Scorn
The Taken
The Vex
Other Characters
Historical Characters
  • Ace (Mentioned only)
  • Kofi (First mentioned)
  • Tali (First mentioned)





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  • Forsaken Standard Edition
  • Forsaken w/Annual Pass
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