Quantis Rhee

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Quantis Rhee
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"I breathe easier when I'm out among the stars."
— Quantis Rhee[1]

Quantis Rhee is a Hunter Nightstalker who serves as Cayde-6's primary scout on Nessus.


After the conclusion of the Red War, Rhee was dispatched to Nessus by the Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6 to scout the planet. She was contacted by Cayde about once a month due to her solitary nature.[2] Rhee spent months combing through the depths of the converted planetoid, mapping the Vex's artificial catacombs that they had replaced the natural world with. Despite the scarcity of the Light so far from the Traveler, Rhee's knowledge of the Void thanks to her Nightstalker training allowed her to draw it out even in the darkest of the Vex's lairs. After gathering vital information, Rhee decided to leave Nessus and report on her findings back in The Last City, but was determined to return to Nessus and continue learning its secrets.[3]

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