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ArcS.png Shock Pistol (common)
SolarS.png Shrapnel Launcher (rare)
ArcS.png Shock Dagger (common)
ArcS.png Shock Grenade


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"These relentless thieves seem driven by desperation and rage. They are crafty, but they usually give up their cover with their clattering and hissing. Most seem outfitted with some kind of shock dagger and pistol, and as far as we can gather, they seem to only have two arms, while other Fallen have four."
— Bungie.net description.[1]

Dregs, known as Drekhs in Eliksni language, are the lowest-ranking class of Fallen warrior[1] and cling to the bottom rung of Fallen society.[2]


"Don't underestimate a cutthroat, or you'll get your throat cut."
Grimoire description.

Less disciplined than Vandals or Captains, they often give away their position with their chattering. They are typically armed with a Shock Dagger or two, Shock Pistol, and Shock Grenade. They are rarely armed with a Shrapnel Launcher.[3]

Because of their low rank, Dregs have two arms, whereas other higher ranks of Fallen have four. This is because they have had the other set cut off[1][4] as part of a ritual of humiliation and obedience. Dregs seek to prove their worth through selfless aggression. Only a few will survive to gain promotion and regrow their limbs. Their suicidal bravery is fueled by ambition and shame.[2] They are also kept motivated by the myth of the "star-catcher", a fictional Dreg who rose to claim ten thousand stars with ten thousand arms.[5]

It's not unheard of for higher-ranking Fallen to be demoted to Dregs if they have failed their superiors in some way, if they are not killed outright.[6][7]


Dregs are a cannon fodder type enemy. They are fielded in large groups and sent forth to catch enemy fire, or overwhelm them with numbers. They almost always use a Shock Pistol paired with a Shock Dagger, both not powerful weapons, but deadly in large numbers. They are also equipped with Shock Grenades they use to drive enemies out of cover. Rarely they are given Shrapnel Launchers, and high ranking ones sometimes have Molten Welders. Sometimes they also go into battle with paired Shock Daggers, in which case they will rush the player to cut them, though they lost this loadout in Destiny 2, being replaced in spirit by Wretches. Dregs are weak, usually dying from a single headshot with almost any weapon, and will run away cowering when their leaders or fellows die.

Known Dregs[edit]

House of Wolves Dregs[edit]

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House of Salvation Dregs[edit]

Nightmare Dregs[edit]

Old Crew Dregs[edit]


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  • Like other Fallen, the heads of Dregs can still be shot off, releasing Ether.
  • House of Dusk Dregs do not possess docking caps on their arms.
  • A Taken Dreg has been shown in some concept art, but they never appeared in-game.
  • In the Fallen language, Dregs are known as drekhs.[8]
    • Because of this, the name Dreg may be a Human mispronunciation.
  • An infamous Dreg known by the community as "Greg the Dreg" is a glitched Dreg appearing in the original Destiny. It stands in the ranks of Randal the Vandal and Hank the Shank.


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