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High Durability
Midair Levitation
Eye Protection
Ether Shield

"A floating light, a sleepless eye. Their hope, their faith, their sustenance."
Grimoire description.

The Servitor is a large, spherical flying machine used by the Fallen as support units in combat.[1]


Servitors' primary usage in combat is to support accompanying Fallen units by emitting a purple glow, giving them a nourishing boost.[2] They are shown to be very durable and are capable of firing devastating blasts of Void energy from their eye, which is also a weak spot. They frequently try to protect this weak spot when in combat, making them difficult targets. In Destiny 2, Servitors serving under a new Fallen House are given the ability to fully shield nearby Fallen units, granting them complete immunity to incoming damage.

There are more powerful Servitors known as High Servitors. Above High Servitors are Prime Servitors, the highest form of Servitor known. Prime Servitors take the place of a religious leader among the Fallen, with each Fallen House having their own Prime Servitor. Certain Servitors function as pilots, and are called Pilot Servitors.[3]

Apart from supporting Fallen in battle, Servitors process matter and energy into Ether for the Fallen's sustenance, and anchor comms and provide technological acuity. They also serve as navigation aids for Fallen Ketches, and possibly Skiffs.[4]


Known Servitors


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