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Ether Processor
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VoidS.png Servitor Eye


High Durability
Midair Levitation
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Ether Shield
VoidS.png Absorption Shield (high difficulty, Destiny 2)


"A floating light, a sleepless eye. Their hope, their faith, their sustenance."
Grimoire description.

Servitors are large, floating, semi-sentient spherical machines used by the Fallen as support units in combat.[1]


Servitors are made in the Traveler's image, alluding to its pivotal role in Eliksni civilization prior to the Whirlwind.[2] Most have a central purple glowing eye, and rarely possess any other distinguishing features or insignia that link them to their House. They are capable of flight, and hover as their main means of locomotion.

The desperation of modern Fallen Houses can be seen in the state they keep their Servitors, as the House of Dusk and House of Salvation have reduced the amount of plating dedicated to their protection, leaving more of the Servitor's circuitry exposed. In the case of Salvation, this is intentional, degrading their appearance as a manifestation of their House's hatred for the Great Machine.

While they support Fallen in battle, shielding and healing allies, facilitating communications and transmitting tactical data between one another, the Servitors' main function is to process matter and energy into Ether for the Fallen as a hormonal substance to grow into their final forms, Captains. Besides that, they also offer technological acuity as navigation aids for Ketches, and possibly Skiffs.[3] Some specialized Servitors also serve as personal support and as pilots for High-ranking Fallen.[4][5][6]

A Servitor seen in the House of Wolves cinematic

Servitors possess extremely sophisticated and valuable technology, such as Servitor plugs, filters and Ether circulators, to the extent that their artificial intelligence gives them a limited degree of sentience. Despite this, they are vulnerable to being overloaded and shorting out. Not only do they generate Ether, they also can extract or store it, until they are drained of it. The communication network that a Servitor is connected to can be accessed by a Ghost, through which those connected to the network become locatable.

There are more powerful Servitors known as High Servitors, capable of jamming signals. Above High Servitors are Prime Servitors, the largest known form of Servitor. Prime Servitors are potentially integral to Fallen space travel, offer logistical support, and the Fallen worship and revere them as if they were gods, presumably given their symbolic relevance to Great Machine, as well as the fact that they produce major tons of Ether and are an integral part of the leadership of most Houses, alongside an Archon and a Kell. For these reasons, almost every Fallen House has their own Prime Servitor; if it is destroyed, the House becomes extremely vulnerable. Certain Servitors function as pilots, and are called Pilot Servitors.[7]


Servitors' primary usage in combat is to support accompanying Fallen units by emitting a purple glow, giving them a nourishing boost.[8] To evade incoming attacks and flank their targets, Servitors will occasionally teleport short distances. They are shown to be a resilient threat and are capable of firing powerful blasts of Void energy from their eye, which is also a weak spot. They frequently try to protect this weak spot when in combat, making them difficult targets. In Destiny 2, Servitors have switched their nourishing boost with the ability to generate tethers toward nearby Fallen units, granting them complete immunity to incoming damage. They also gain Void shields in high difficulty activities.

Servitors encountered as Elites or Majors have increased health and stronger damage resistance compared to Minor variants, but usually do not differ in looks. Ultra or larger Servitors gain a powerful melee attack, releasing a health draining vortex from their eye whenever a foe gets up close.

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A Servitor variant belonging to The Spider
Notable Variants
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  • In Destiny 2, new death animations were added to the Servitors including elemental deaths and Major Servitors now share the Ultra Servitor death animation, however, it is much faster and there is no death screech.
  • The Heavy Shank S.A.B.E.R.-2 is made from parts of Servitors.


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