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Taniks' Crew


Traitor's Ketch


Taniks, the Scarred (deceased)

"Dude's been dead and not more times than I can track. "Died" twice by my hand alone. Second time I even looked to deliver some insurance, but he was hauled off by his goons."

Taniks' Crew are an unaffiliated gang of Fallen, loyal to the mercenary Taniks, the Scarred.


Taniks and his crew were paid by the House of Winter to free Aksor, Archon Priest from the Prison of Elders. While they were successful in their raid, Aksor was pinned as a target in the Winter's Run Strike. When a fireteam of Guardians infiltrated Winter's Lair, they brought him down, leaving the House of Winter broken.

House of Wolves[edit]

The House of Wolves had Taniks and his crew loot the Hellmouth and share its secrets. However, during The Shadow Thief Strike, Guardian efforts put this plan to a stop and resulted in the death of Taniks himself.

The Taken King[edit]

The crew suffered major losses during the Taken War in the Lost to Light Heroic mission, leading to the demise of Driviks, the Chosen.

Rise of Iron[edit]

Taniks' Crew allied with the Devil Splicers to resurrect their leader through SIVA augmentation, bringing him back as Taniks Perfected. The crew then went on to capture local Hive for experimentation and reclaim lost territory, but the Vanguard deployed a fireteam that stopped the operation, and Taniks was killed once again.[1]


Three years after the supposed final death of Taniks, what became of Tanik's Crew remains a mystery. Those who survived could have joined the House of Dusk, while those who fought on to keep control of their Ketch, Kaliks-Syn, reappared as Nightmares. Alternatively, their disappearance and the crash of their ship could have been due to the Hive. The only remaining vestige of their existence is a ruined Walker that still lies where it was felled a long time ago.



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