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Taniks' Crew


Traitor's Ketch


Taniks, the Scarred


"Dude's been dead and not more times than I can track. "Died" twice by my hand alone. Second time I even looked to deliver some insurance, but he was hauled off by his goons."

Taniks' Crew are an unaffiliated gang of Fallen loyal to the mercenary Taniks, the Scarred.

The Crew plays an important role in rebuilding his physical body with mixtures of technologies pilfered from legendary treasure troves and endless body parts.[1][2][3]

Due to this, Taniks has built a reputation among the Eliksni and Last City for being a undying huntsman.


Goons of the Bogeyman[edit]

Early mention of the Crew is told by Cayde-6 as he retells his encounters of Taniks, who sought to claim a large bounty placed on Cayde's group of Hunters by ambushing them.[4] Later, Taniks grew in notoriety with the Last City and fought against its greatest of heroes.

Cayde first succeeded in killing Taniks, but it is later discovered that Taniks was not dead at all. He was killed again by Cayde, however Taniks' body was hauled off by his "goons".[2]

Later, they rebuilt Taniks and he took part in the Battle of Twilight Gap.[5]

Winter Prison Break[edit]

Taniks and his crew were paid by Draksis, Winter Kell to free Aksor, Archon Priest from the Prison of Elders.[6] While they succeeded in freeing the Archon by working alongside the House of Winter. However, Aksor was targeted by the Vanguard who coordinated a Strike to bring him down.

The Wolf Pack[edit]

The House of Wolves hired Taniks and his Crew to join their Wolf Pack and gifted them Kaliks-Syn and renamed it as the Traitor's Ketch.

They ventured into the Hellmouth to steal from the Hive. However, during The Shadow Thief strike, a group of Guardians put their plans to a stop by defeating Taniks.

Taken Incursion[edit]

The Crew suffered major losses during the Taken War. Their Ketch became overrun by Taken forces leading to the corruption of Driviks, the Chosen. Out of desparation, the crew left an active distress signal that Variks and the Guardian would both intercept simultaneously during a mission. Variks orders the Guardian to keep the Ketch from falling into Taken hands and prevent a countdown to detonation. This leads to a final conflict with the now-Taken Driviks which puts an end to the Taken incursion.

Devil Splicer Alliance[edit]

Taniks Perfected

"Taniks's crew has joined the Splicers. They're using SIVA to reanimate his body and overtake his territory."
— The Shadow Thief: Revisited

A year following the Taken War, remnants of Taniks' crew allied with the Devil Splicers to rebuilt their leader through SIVA augmentation, bringing him back as Taniks Perfected. Taniks would lead the leaderless Splicers to capture local Hive and conduct experimentations, but the Vanguard deployed a fireteam that stopped the operation, and Taniks was killed once again.[7]


Years after the supposed final death of Taniks, the whereabouts of Tanik's Crew became a mystery. His crew however struggled to keep control of their Ketch, Kaliks-Syn and it crash landed near Anchor of Light. The only remaining vestige of their existence is a ruined Walker that lies in the same spot it felled long ago.

It is unknown if the Crew joined the House of Salvation since the newly formed House located the body of Taniks and reawaken him in the Deep Stone Crypt. Taniks however fell to the Guardians as it morphed into the Heavy Shank monstrosity, Taniks, the Abomination.



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