Sand Eaters

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Sand Eaters
OR: Sable


Frontline Infantry


Bracus Tho'ourg
Bracus Tha'aurn


Exclusion Zone
Firebase Thuria (inferred)
Terrabase Charon (inferred)


Meridian Bay, Mars

"The sooner we're extinguished, the sooner they can go home."
Commander Zavala.

The Sand Eaters are a legion of the Cabal. It is the largest and most commonly encountered Legion on Mars before the Red Legion, fighting on the front lines against the Vex. They have weaker tactics and morale than the other legions, but they still press on with fierce determination.[1] They can be identified by their white, green and orange armor. The Dust Giants, another Cabal Legion are known to be a subdivision of the Sand Eaters.

Notable members[edit]





  • The Sand Eaters were originally described as guarding the Dust Palace in early promotional material.
  • The Sand Eaters are the first Legion (and 1 of 5 Legions) that operates without a Primus, the other 4 are Dust Giants, Ice Reapers, Siege Dancers, and the Broken Legion.
    • However, Umun'arath is the Primus of All Legions, meaning she's possibly the Primus of Sand Eaters, Dust Giants, Ice Reapers, and Siege Dancers.
  • The Sand Eaters and the Dust Giants are the only two legions in which their legionaries wear re-breathers on their helmets. Given that the rest of the scout legions also operate in the same harsh environments of Mars, it is unknown why they require extra filtration.
    • A possible reason of this, is that the Sand Eaters and the Dust Giants are mostly in front of battles or in more conflict than the rest of the other legions.
  • Terrabase Charon on Io features banners and emblems of the Sand Eaters, indicating that it was formerly one of their bases prior to being taken over by the Red Legion or that members of the Sand Eaters were relocated there during the Red War before the base was abandoned entirely.

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