Firebase Thuria

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Firebase Thuria, a Cabal warship hovering in the background.

Firebase Thuria (codenamed Black Shield) is a decommissioned Cabal base upon Phobos now taken over by the Crucible as a training facility for Guardians.[1]


Both Lord Shaxx and Commander Zavala are curious as to why the Cabal left the base behind, or even intact at all, as that is a violation of Cabal military doctrine. Four Cabal warships visible in the sky might indicate the Cabal are keeping an eye on the firebase; reports of scouting Harvesters in the area bear this out but these do not show any sign of retaliation or aggression.[2]

While Cabal programming is derided by Ghosts the base has some still active displays and interfaces in the small detached building, one of two buildings of the base. Some sizable cabling connects this structure to the larger central base, meaning information is shared between the two; power may flow from the larger building to the smaller one. Based on the stacks of equipment seen above the displays and output screens, the smaller building is most likely used for processing sensor data. Given the base's peripheral location, it may be an outlying bunker.[3]


  • "Thuria" was the name given to Phobos in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom series. It appears in Swords of Mars, the eighth book of the series.


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