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Cabal Empire


Torobatl was the former capital world[1] of the Cabal Empire until Xivu Arath, God of War ravaged the entire planet, forcing the Cabal to flee.


Calus, the previous Cabal Emperor, moved the empire's capital to Torobatl early on in his reign and maintained his palace there. It is mentioned to be "closer to the people" than the old capital. It remained the Cabal capital under Ghaul's reign.[2][3]

At least one celebration mask from Torobatl found its way to to the Tangled Shore in the Sol System, to be looted by Guardians roaming the region.[4]

Fall of Torobatl[edit]

At some point following the defeat of Dominus Ghaul, Umun'arath's obsession with the Hive turned from one of paranoia to fascination. She began to study the Hive and their ways, contemplating how the Cabal might learn from them to become better warriors, and came under the influence of Savathûn, the Witch Queen. When Caiatl confronted her, Umun'arath even went so far as to advocate the worship of their deities if it meant ensuring the survival of her people. Upon hearing this, the Princess-Imperial ordered her old friend and confidant to step down from her War Council.

However, sometime after this Umun'arath was apprehended in the weaponsmith district of Torobatl, apparently in the midst of conducting a Hive ritual. When Caiatl arrived to confront the disgraced Evocate-General, Umun'arath made to attack her with Hive magic, and Caiatl slew Umun'arath on the spot with her blade.

However, Umun'arath's death completed the ritual Savathûn had put in motion. A massive Hive portal to the Ascendant Realm opened over Torobatl, and out of it came Xivu Arath, God of War, who immediately began laying waste to Torobatl with her fleets and armies.[5]

In a plight of desperation, Caiatl ordered the worldwide evacuation and militarization of the Cabal from Torobatl, now fleeing the stars to Sol to prepare for Xivu Arath's inevitable pursuit.


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