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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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"The shadows have claws."
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Thrall are the most common morph of Hive. Their main purpose is to overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers, although individually they are easily dispatched. Feral and fearless, Thralls are a plague upon the battlefield.


"The Thrall will smother your Light! Do not underestimate them as Tarlowe did!"
Eris Morn

Thrall are the smallest, weakest and fastest Hive enemies. They usually lack visible eyes, and have an almost skeletal appearance[1] (though they do actually possess skin).[2]

Thralls are born from pupae laid by fertile Wizards.[3] Upon hatching, they are fed a larval worm which enters into a symbiotic relationship with the Thrall.[4] If a Thrall is able to fight and survive well enough, it will become an Acolyte.[3] Otherwise, the worm will consume it from within.[5]


While individually Thrall are the weakest Hive enemy, in large enough groups they can be deadly especially if they are supported by other Hive enemies with heavy weaponry.

With their sharp claws as their primary tools of attack, Thralls move quickly and in large packs to overwhelm their enemies.[6]


Known Thralls


  • Ogres appear much like Thrall but larger and stronger, suggesting rituals are used to turn Thrall into Ogres.
  • Thrall usually seem to lack eyes, but in some cases they have three glowing spots on their faces where eyes would be.
  • Given the Hive's odd biology, it may be that all Thrall are biologically sterile females, as common to most eusocial species.
  • The name Thrall may originate from the term for a person in slavery or serfdom in Viking Scandinavia. Alternatively, it may come from the name of an undead unit in Bungie's Myth series. Both descriptions are applicable to Destiny's Thrall, as they are zombie-like and in servitude to the Worms.
  • According to the Drifter, Thrall are vulnerable to having their skulls squeezed.


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