Season of the Risen

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Season of the Risen
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Start date:

February 22nd, 2022

End date:

May 24th, 2022


PsiOps Battlegrounds

Previous season:

Season of the Lost

Next season:

Season of the Haunted


"”You want us to hit them.”
”I NEED us to hit them. Hard.”
Empress Caiatl to Commander Zavala

Season of the Risen is the sixteenth season of Destiny 2 and began on February 22nd, 2022 alongside the release of The Witch Queen.

After Savathûn, the Witch Queen having reemerged with an army of Light-bearing Hive, the Vanguard and the Cabal under Empress Caiatl must join forces to combat the spread of her Lucent Brood on Earth. With the assistance of Caiatl’s Psions, Guardians must wield the Light-suppressing Synaptic Spear and take the fight into the Mindscape of their enemies.


Story: They Rise

"The Witch Queen has stolen the Light. Her Hive army charges across the battlefield, gnashing at your armor before succumbing to the power of your fireteam. The Ghosts of your vanquished foes hover silently, an ominous portent of a battle with no end. In a matter of moments too short to catch your breath, the horde rises before you and charges again.
Eyes up, Guardian.

Story: Fight for the Light

"Armed with Light-suppressing technology shared by Empress Caiatl, we will stand against the Witch Queen's growing army. And in the face of unimaginable odds, we will triumph. For even though the Lucent Brood may rise, Guardians never fall."

Red Alert

"The H.E.L.M. has been upgraded with the tactical tools needed to face a new and unrelenting enemy. Plan your psionic special operations and gain the advantage in the war for the Light."

Activities: Psionic Warfare

"Matchmade Activity: PsiOps Battlegrounds
Battle through the Witch Queen's army on multiple destinations. Cut through the horde, make your way to her Hive lieutenants, and stop the unstoppable.

"Light-Suppressing Tech: Synaptic Spear
Unlock mods to customize your playstyle and utilize the Spear's Light-suppressing technology to enter the minds of the Witch Queen's Hive Guardians.

Light: Void 3.0

"In this complete redesign of the Void subclass, players can now harness the power of the Aspects and Fragments system introduced with Stasis to customize their Void Guardians like never before. To weaponize the unknown. To gaze into the Void."

The stalwart shield of a fireteam. Channel protective fields to resist furious assaults or bravely lead the charge, shield in hand, crushing all that stand in your way.

Masters of stealth and movement. Vanish after dodging, set traps to disorient your opponents, and unleash unsuspecting and deadly precision attacks.

Keepers of infinite mysteries. Float across the battlefield, healing allies and creating havoc among your foes with a little help from the yawning void of spacetime.

Rewards: Become Risen

"Triumph over the Witch Queen's forces, earn the Seasonal title, and unlock this limited-edition collectible pin through Bungie Rewards."

Gear: Rise Up, Guardian

"Exotic Quest
A psionic attack is emanating from a bunker on Mars. Commandeer assault vehicles, clear a path to the entrance, and breach its defenses. The truth behind the attack and the Exotic Grenade Launcher, Dead Messenger, await your success.

"Legendary Weapons
Lift new armaments of honor and strike fear into the heart of the Lucent Hive.

"Seasonal Armor
Become the tip of the spear and the unbreakable shield in the war for the Light.

Season Pass

"Gear, XP, rewards! Get the Season Pass and instantly unlock the new Exotic Machine Gun, Grand Overture. Also get XP boosts that speed up Seasonal ranks and reward track unlocks."

"Exotic Machine Gun
The question, "How many missiles should it fire?" was shortly followed by the answer, "Yes."

"Universal Ornaments
Collect the new Seasonal set and prove that you can hunt Lucent Hive in a swamp and still look good.

"Enhanced Progression
Over 100 rewards, including XP boosts, Exotic engrams, upgrade materials, cosmetics and more.


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Guardians, Residents of the Last City, and their Allies


Vehicles, equipment, and technology

Weapons and armor



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