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"Kid, I'm starting to think I didn't rez all of your brain last time."
— Bask to his Guardian Jolur

Bask is a Ghost who was partnered with the Warlock Jolur.


After the House of Light joined The Last City, Bask became frustrated with Jolur after he acquired a Splicer Gauntlet and began attempting to use it to convert items from one thing to another. He tried to ignore Julur's mutterings and read Crucible scores, but as the Warlock repeated the same mantras over and over Bask scowled at him and advised that he did not actually have to say anything out loud to operate the gauntlet. His Guardian spoke louder in response before using the Light he gathered to try and transform a pair of old boots into a set of Geomag Stabilizers. The attempt failed once more and Bask offered to try and find a pair the exotic boots secondhand. Jolur refused the offer and insisted that it would work and that all he needed to do was use the gauntlet to alter a tiny bit of reality from there being no to yes. In disbelief, Bask pondered if he had not fully restored Jolur's brain the last time he was rezzed, but Jolur retorted that now he was visualizing Bask being quiet before returning to his experiment.[1]

Later during the Coalition's fight against the Lucent Hive, Bask had to dodge some fire from a Lightbearer Knight while trying to resurrect his Guardian in the EDZ. Thanks to an assist from another Warlock, the Ghost managed to revive Jolur and the fight ended in the Knight's defeat. However, to their horror, they discovered the Knight was revived and had to fight it again in earnest.

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