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House of Light


Fallen House


Mithrax, the Forsaken


The House of Light is an unofficial Fallen house led by Mithrax, the Forsaken, their Kell.[1]



The House of Light was (unofficially) created by Mithrax, a Captain who believes that Humanity deserves The Traveler, not the Fallen. It seems that the House of Light are an Open-Minded House, since Mithrax say he will be Kell to the Mind-Open Fallen. [citation needed]

Recent Events[edit]

Zero Hour[edit]

Despite not physically being in the Zero Hour, The House of Light Led an Assault against House of Devils agents, and Saboteurs, the attack was led by Mithrax, their Kell, and The Guardian.




  • The name chosen by Mithrax implies that he accepts Guardians to join the House of Light, which links to his alliance with them. [citation needed]
  • Despite him swearing allegiance to The Last City, he still keeps many names from the Fallen hierarchy such as House and Kell.


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