Ramen (Light)

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Ramen (Light)
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Ramen is an unnamed Eliksni from the House of Light who once ordered a bowl of Ramen from the Spicy Ramen Shop.

Delighted with their meal, Ramen offered a model of the Traveler as compensation, but was instead given the meal for free due to the shops policy of giving first time customers a free meal. Ramen soon left after saying a human phrase “replete with hard consonants”, which was likely a vulgar insult he didn’t mean to say.

Ramen disappeared shortly thereafter, likely having been taken by the customers of the ramen shop at the time and punished for what he accidentally said.

Following his disappearance, his brother, Vriiksis, searched for his whereabouts, but was unable to locate him.



  • Ramen bowls and chopsticks can be found within the Eliksni Quarter, suggesting that Ramen has become a staple food to consume among the Eliksni.

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