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The Spider
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The Shore's Only Law
Don (The Drifter)
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House of Spider


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Leader of his own crime syndicate


"I cannot wait to see how this ends."
— The Spider

The Spider is the leader of a Fallen crime syndicate based in the Tangled Shore. He is the planetary vendor for the Tangled Shore, and a powerful but ruthless ally of the Awoken of the Reef and the Guardians of the Last City.

He aided the Guardians in tracking down the Scorned Barons and putting an end to his brother's rival syndicate, known as the Kell's Scourge.


The Shore's Only Law[edit]

The Spider, Leader of the Spider's Syndicate

The Spider was born into the notorious House of Wolves, but as he aged, he steadily came to see the House of Wolves as a "bad investment".[1] Leaving the House of Wolves, the Spider eventually arrived at the entrance of the lawless Tangled Shore and established himself as a the head of a major syndicate. He amassed a sizeable and loyal following of Eliksni bodyguards, enforcers, associates, and freelance operatives thanks to his generous Ether payment. Including continued payments if one of his employees was injured while on the job.[2] The Spider's rule was aided by procuring a Transmat system that covered his entire territory from the Hunter Olu Alderdice.[3] During the exchange, the sly Guardian offered the Spider arsenic lipstick as well, but he noted that it looked far better on her. When she offered her hand to shake on their deal, the Spider began reaching out but quickly stopped himself and scrutinized her before withdrawing his hand, a decision which she applauded as wise.[3]

The Spider's reign was not without difficulties however, as his brother and associate Siviks became outraged at how the Spider conducted himself and his fascination with human artifacts. When Siviks moved against him, the Spider had his brother captured and brought before him, offended that his hospitality and brotherly ties had been betrayed. He offered a chance to his brother to apologize, but Siviks merely spit in his face and laughed. The Spider ordered him to be handed over to the Awoken and sentenced to the Prison of Elders. As his brother was dragged away he accused the Spider of being worse than the rest of the Fallen due to his ties to humanity, but the Spider merely taunted him. However, once his associates had left, the Spider stared regretfully at where his brother had once stood before sighing and returning to business.[4]

Prior to the outbreak of the Taken War, Queen Mara Sov evacuated the Dreaming City and made a deal with the Spider to protect the Watchtower and in return, she would turn a blind eye to his businesses. The Spider accepted this deal and continued to honor it even after Mara's disappearance and presumed demise at the Battle of Saturn.[5]

At some point Cayde grew bored of the Tower and ventured out to hunt enemies of the Vanguard. This campaign developed into a hunt against the Scorn, a powerful faction of Fallen outlaws who terrorised the Shore. Cayde with his team entered the Spider's Palace in search for Araskes, the Trickster, however blew his cover after starting a fight with the Trickster over gambling. Cayde later meets with the Spider to explain himself since fighting in the Palace is strictly forbidden. The Spider, not happy, enlists Cayde and his team to capture the Scorned Barons and put them into the Prison of Elders.[6]

War for the Shore[edit]

The Spider in his lair

"I would never ask you to do something that wasn't in your own interest, too. Remember that. So. To Business. I will supply you with the Barons' location - with which I am quite familiar, as it was, until recently… MINE."
— The Spider

The emergence of the Scorn saw the Spider's Syndicate become embroiled in conflict with them and driven away from their original territory. The Spider went into hiding within his safehouse and cloaked the entrance behind a holographic rockface. He was contacted by Petra, who wanted to join forces with him and the Young Wolf to hunt down and kill Uldren Sov after the Awoken Prince had gone rogue and became the leader of the Scorn. Spider was unwilling to open his safehouse until the local Scorn outside were dealt with. He dispatched Avrok and Arrha to help the Young Wolf deal with the Scorn, and upon their defeat opened his throne room to Petra and the Guardian. As they entered he mocked Petra's failure to hold the Scorned Barons and accused her of causing him to lose his grip on the Tangled Shore. He then inquired about the whereabouts of the Young Wolf's Ghost, but Petra kept the conversation focused on the Scorn and proposed an alliance. Spider was reluctant to help, noting that he was sure to wind up short on such a deal, and demanded that the Young Wolf would owe him for the help he provided. The Guardian agreed to the deal, much to the Spider's delight.[7][8][9]

With the Spiders intel, the Guardians accepts bounties from him and begin to dismantle the Scorn's operations. The Guardians succeed in killing Araskes, the Trickster, Yaviks, the Rider and Kaniks, the Mad Bomber.[10]

With the Scorn nobility crumbling, the Spider provides intel on the whereabouts of Pirrha, the Rifleman, allowing the Guardian to fight pass his forces and decoys and eventually killing Pirrha; avenging Cayde's Ghost.[11] Later the Guardian discover remains of Servitors belong to the Spider completely drained of their ether. The Spider takes this as evidence that Reksis Vahn, the Hangman, who has a hatred for Servitors, is nearby. Despite his great strength and Flame Cauldron weapon, the Guardian slay the sadistic Baron.[12] The Spider gives another tip to the Guardian for Hiraks, the Mindbender who is residing near a downed Hive Warship, and the whereabouts of their second-in-command, Elykris, the Machinist near Salvage Zone QX.[13][14]

The Spider's forces battling the Scorn

The Guardians dispose of Hiraks and Elykris reducing the Scorn's leadership to Fikrul, the Fanatic, the Scorn's Archon, and Uldren himself. The Spider shares new intel which confirm that Uldren and Fikrul have been sighted at the Awoken Watchtower, a place which is said to house the Awoken's deepest secrets. Within the structure, Uldren orders Frikul to hold off the enemy while he finishes his work. The Spider's aids the Guardians with his main forces and engage with the Scorn's defenses as the Guardian breach past them and enters the Watchtower. At the entrance, they face off with Frikul who desires revenge for his fellow Barons. Despite his Dark Ether powers, the Guardian manages to kill Frikul and later dispose Uldren.[15]

At a later date, the Guardians maintained vigilance over the Tangled Shore to hunt down any Prison of Elders escapees and provide favors for the Spider to pay off their "debt" to the Fallen Mob. This includes hunting down the Silent Fang, those affiliated with Irxis, Wolf Baroness and Beltrik, the Veiled, Fortifier Yann and Calzar, Scarred Captain, the latter of three the Spider has personal beef with.[16][17]

The Spider also has the Guardians deal with remnants of Hiraks' Hive brood after agreeing to take it as a favour. They discover Hive Knights, Hiraks's Familiar is poisoned with Ether as a result of Hiraks' experiments and later encounter the progenitor of the Hive within the Tangled Shore was Hiraks' former consort, In Anânh, Brood Queen. They manage to corner and kill the Brood Queen, bringing further stability in Tangled Shore only for Spider to complain about the ease of their favor.[18][19]

At the request of the Spider, The Drifter, a close ally, assembles a team to reclaim the Prison of Elders from the Barons. A fireteam infiltrate the Prison and clear out waves of rogue inmates. Pushing forward they hear the voice of Variks which the Drifter notes to be Varik's malfunctioning Servitor. The finale culminates in the biggest gun fight ever in Prison history with the Guardians battling against the Warden and his reinforcements. They defeat the Mad Warden and the Drifter later notes that he will clean up the Prison to let the Spider sell it back to the Awoken.[20]

The Starry Night[edit]

"Beautiful. Truly beautiful. And achieved without a Traveler or any of its nonsense."
— The Spider, admiring The Starry Night

Following Uldren's death and the defeat of most of the Scorn's leadership, the Spider returned to expanding his criminal operations and running the Tangled Shore. Arrha reported to him that he had learned from Mithrax about shipments of supplies and human artifacts from Titan were being shipped back to The Last City by Deputy-Commander Sloane in unarmed craft hidden with cloaking technology that they could catch with webs. Intrigued, the Spider ordered Arrha to go fishing for these craft, but quickly became exasperated when his subordinate was confused by the human terminology. Sighing, he told him to go catch a boat, and after Arrha left he growled about having to explain himself to his underlings.[21] When Arrha brought him the first of the captured shipments, the Spider was disappointed by the contents, which although priceless, was mostly technology and data that he had little personal interest in. After expressing his displeasure to Arrha he requested the ship's log, in which he discovered something of interest: that Sloane believed a unknown party was stealing items from the Green Dove Arcology. Interested in who else was stealing from the Titan shipments, he ordered Brivi to take over the capture web while Arrha hunted for the identity of the thief.[22]

Arrha, the Spider's close associate

The Spider was soon informed that the thief was Ghislaine, a Dead Orbit operative who was taking technology from Titan for the organization's own benefit. He ordered Arrha to intercept the thief and his ship and have him brought before him. In the logs of Dead Orbit vessel, the Spider discovered an ancient painting, The Starry Night, was among the items Dead Orbit had stolen from the Green Dove Arcology. As Ghislaine protested her capture, the Spider attempted to strike a jovial tone and offered his friendship to the human, offering to not only speed him on the way to Titan but also offered the previously captured shipment as recompense. Feigning disinterest, all the Spider requested in return was a symbolic gift in return and pretended to randomly pick the item number which corresponded to the painting. However, Ghislaine revealed that item was not amongst her shipment and that the Spider's men must have hacked another Dead Orbit manifest off their network. Hiding his disappointment, the Spider inquired if the painting was already on Earth and upon learning that it was, he ordered his men to let Ghislaine go free unharmed.[23]

Still hoping to acquired The Starry Night for his collection, the Spider contacted his spy within Dead Orbit, Howe, and sent him a long list of weapons, ammo, and a few other items for acquisition including the painting in order to try and hide his desire for it. When Howe contacted him, the Spider noticed his nervousness, and was annoyed that the operative had picked up on the painting's inclusion. Howe questioned why the Spider would want a pre-Golden Age painting, the Spider decided to have him killed for his inquisitiveness and informed him that all he needed to know was that he was being paid to bring it and gave him forty hours to supply the shipment.[24] Howe brought the shipment and was promptly murdered by the Spider, who admired the painting in front of his subordinates and opined that it had been achieved without the Traveler's "nonsense". He ordered Arrha to clear the body out and leave, and once alone he hummed Mo Li Hua to open his secret treasure room below his throne. Descending into the room, the Spider placed his newest acquisition onto his wall of pre-Golden Age paintings.[25]

The Black Armory[edit]

Siviks, the Spider's brother

"Siviks – 'lost to none.' My… impudent brother. And the Black Armory's assailant. It seems even a stint in the Prison of Elders did little to help my brother understand the concept of consequences. A harsher lesson might be in order."
— The Spider

With the Guardian now owing favors to him, the Spider enlists them in aiding one of his valued business associates: Ada-1 and the secret Black Armory; to which he gifts them a badge to permit entry into the Armory's private store at the Tower.[26] The Guardian would provide Ada-1 the assistance she needed by reclaiming the lost Volundr Forge from the Red Legion and forging their first weapon frame.[27] However, their endeavors with the Black Armory would only get more complicated from there on out.

After the Scorn's rampage, Siviks who previously fell out with his brother over his relationship with humanity, was able to escape the Prison of Elders and gather enough followers to form his own rival syndicate, the Kell's Scourge.[4][28] Seeking vengeance, he started attacking The Spider's territory and distributing weapons belonging to the Black Armory to Fallen across the Solar System.[29]

When Fallen manufactured Black Armory gear made its way to the Guardians, Ada-1 immediately enlists the Guardians to recover gear as evidence to present in front of the Spider.[30] Taking notice of his growing competition and the contraband near his Shore, the Spider enlists the Guardians to scavenge the local Fallen for information regarding Siviks' newly-uncovered syndicate and tasks them to put his brother down.[31]

In a final bid to gain an edge over the Guardians and his competition, Siviks sought the secrets of Project Niobe, an initiative to develop and produce enhanced Black Armory prototypes for the Fallen.[32][33] Following up on clues to its whereabouts in the stolen pages of Meyrin's journal, Siviks lead his Syndicate to take over the restricted Niobe Labs, attaining control over its security protocols and the Bergusia Forge hidden within. Despite Siviks using the labs defense protocols to his advantage, the Guardians were able to best his tactics and Fallen reinforcements. This forces Siviks to retreat and leaves the Guardians to claim their prize.[34] Siviks then releases The Black Recluse to protect the final forge, named precisely to mock the Spider, but is thwarted by the Guardians.

In a final standoff Siviks, the Spider's mad brother, is put to an end against the Guardian who reclaim the Black Armory's last remaining secrets and technology whilst leaving the Kell's Scourge leaderless and utterly crippled.[35][36]

Joker's Wild[edit]

Around the same time that the Drifter introduced Gambit Prime, the Guardian visited the Spider on matters related to the Drifter after finishing a run of the Reckoning.

Siding with the Drifter

The Spider's "Gjallarhorn"

If the player chose to side with the Drifter, the Guardian visits the Spider to purchase an item known as "The Jerky" for the Drifter. Among the "Jerky" is a caged Ghost and a replica Gjallarhorn, though only "The Jerky" can be purchased. This exchange leads the Guardian to go to Titan to acquire supplies for the Drifter.[37]

Siding with the Vanguard
If the player chose to side with the Vanguard, the Guardian confronts the Spider about his dealings with the Drifter. The Spider responds by saying that he is a "simple businessman" and would be willing to sever relations with the Drifter "for the right price." After paying a bribe of 50,000 Glimmer, the Spider informs the Guardian that the Drifter was planning something on Titan, which prompts them to go there to investigate further. The Spider later informed the Drifter of this investigation, prompting the Drifter to contact the Guardian directly while they were on Titan.[38]

Season of Dawn[edit]

After the Guardian found the core for the Bastion in the Corridors of Time, they collected data from Fallen targets and brought them to the Spider. He deciphered the name "Lightkiller" from the intel, telling the Guardian about his legacy. He decides to help the Guardian by first tipping them on one of his old acquaintances hiding away in the Empty Tank, betting on fights with Azilis.[39] After killing the Captain, they bring a note to the Spider left behind by the original owner, Reysk, who was killed by a Guardian Fireteam and buried somewhere in the Tangled Shore.[40]

The Spider then orders the Guardian to patrol the Tangled Shore to force answers on the location of the grave from its inhabitants.[41] Eventually, one of Spider's Associates would catch word of the location of the grave in the Trappers Cave. However, the Guardian would discover Reysk was warped into a Scorn Chieftain.[42] Following the revelation, the Spider gave the Guardian the location of Reysk, the one place where Scorn influence was the strongest, the Hollowed Lair.[43]

Season of Arrivals[edit]

During the Festival of the Lost, The Spider hired the aid of the Guardian to investigate the operations of the House of Kings who ventured into the ruins of the Dreadnaught to learn Hive magic.[44] He notes that the Vex had taken an interest in the Kings' activities and stole their salvage and simulated it within the Haunted Forest.[45][46][47]

Wrathborn Hunt[edit]

Following the Darkness's return to the Sol System, the Tangled Shore comes under assault from the forces of Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War, forcing the Spider and his syndicate to be on the defensive once more. Worse, Xivu Arath's forces make use of artifacts called Cryptoliths that drive Hive into a berserk state and corrupt other species to her service, called the Wrathborn, some of which include members of the Spider's organization. The Spider soon meets with the Guardian once more after their mission on Luna ended bittersweetly; they managed to save the Warlock Osiris but his Ghost Sagira sacrificed herself to save her Guardian. To avenge Sagira and combat Xivu Arath, the Spider proposes a partnership with the Guardian to restore his territory and reopen the flow of Glimmer; they would hunt the Wrathborn and their leader, the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, and the Spider would provide the resources needed for such a hunt.

During their exchange, the Guardian learned, to their shock, that Uldren Sov was revived as a Guardian and was in service to the Spider, known under the name of Crow. The Spider clarifies that he found Uldren wandering aimlessly in the Reef and while he could've captured him and sent him to the Tower, he knew full well what awaited them there. Instead, the Spider brought the Crow into his services as his personal agent and hunter. Despite how well Crow works for him, however, Spider planted a failsafe within the chassis of Crow's Ghost, Glint; if Crow "strays from his nest", then his Ghost will explode, killing them both. Regardless of the Guardian's personal ill-feelings towards the Crow, the Spider has then work with him to combat the Wrathborn and Xivu Arath, but makes them to never mention the name Uldren Sov.

After a long period and working together with Crow, the Guardians were able to stem the tide of the Wrathborn Corruption, culminating with the hunt and execution of the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, avenging Sagira and fulfilling their end of the Spider's bargain. However, during that time, the Guardian had grown increasingly dissatisfied with Crow being in the Spider's services. Returning to the Spider's hideout, the Spider congratulated the Guardian's efforts and as per their bargain, allowed the Guardian to claim anything in his collection. The Guardian chose Crow's freedom, a choice that angered the Spider but having used his own words against him, the Spider agreed but warned the Guardian to leave before he takes offense.

Escaping the Reef[edit]

Following the Wrathborn Hunt and the Endless Night, Mara Sov resurfaced in the Dreaming City, looking to free her people's homeland from the Taken corruption, allying with the Last City to achieve this. Mara Sov expected the Spider to lend a form of aid to their efforts but to her disappointment, the crime boss did not offer anything. Fearing for his operations since he knows the Awoken Queen wouldn't approve of his past usage of Crow and knowing he can't rely on Mithrax and the House of Light, the Spider turned to his associate The Drifter for aid. The Drifter at first thought he wanted his "seal of approval" to move his operations but instead the Spider wants him to smuggle him out of the Reef.

Personality and traits[edit]

The Shore's Only Law

"Remember, my friend, even when you are doing your 'duty,' there are always opportunities to do what is profitable."
— The Spider

The Spider is much like a stereotypical criminal kingpin, he will go to great lengths to maintain his influence and has no qualms about battling his own kind to do it. He is even willing to ally with Petra Venj, an old "acquaintance" of his, and the Guardian, to restore his territory and deal with the Scorn and Uldren. This is further supported by the description of one of his daily bounties where he states that he would have even considered working out an agreement with the Red Legion had they not disrespected him.[48] However, while he maintains that their alliance is merely for business, the Spider shows a level of honor and respect towards the Guardian, keeping his word in their deals and continuing their "friendship".

Despite this, the Spider is willing to alter a deal to make sure that those who owe him a debt don't pay back too quickly and too easily, as he does not want to get the short end of the stick. This was apparent when the Guardians cleared out the Hive infestation within the Tangled Shore. After slaying the Brood Queen, The Spider found that the threat was too "easy" for it to satisfy their debt to him. Despite Ghost's objections, the Spider points out that the mission wasn't a deal, only "considerations". Likely he finds the Guardians too useful and skilled to simply say that all debts are paid.[19]

Though the Spider can be very ruthless on how he runs his criminal enterprise, the mob boss has shown a capacity for generosity and a reasonable nature. Instead of just hoarding all the profits and leave next to nothing for his employees, he ensure his workforce is paid what they earned, far more generous than a contemporary Fallen Kell, Archon or Baron.[2]

The Spider displays a fascination with various aspects of humanity and its culture. He has no interest in what Fallen would normally consider priceless,[49] and instead avidly collects ancient human artwork, as well as dead Ghosts.[50][51] In addition to this, the Spider does enjoy collecting trophies, out of interest or monetary purposes, from his dead enemies, so much so that he offers bounties on them.

The Spider is highly fluent in English. His voice lacks much of the growls and clicks associated with Eliksni speech; this may be due to either practice or some form of translation device (although he claims that Variks speaks perfect English as well, deliberately using poor grammar to seem more harmless to the Awoken). Reflecting his fascination with humanity, he frequently uses human figures of speech and body language, even when speaking to other Eliksni (to whom such gestures are meaningless).[52][53]


The Spider provided bounties targeting Prison of Elders escapees throughout the Solar System. He also sold infusion materials, with four planetary materials and the required currency rotating per daily reset. Purchasing Enhancement Cores from Spider doubled their cost during that day until reset. Wanted enemies in Lost Sectors could also have dropped Spider-specific weapons and armor.

Faction weapons[edit]

Infusion materials[edit]


Idle quotes

  • "That's right, my friend."
  • "Very good."
  • "Good choice, my friend."
  • "What is your Earth phrase... If we meet again?"
  • "What do you say "friend"? Quid pro quo before you go?"
  • "I... approve."
  • "You have good taste!"
  • "Bring me Arrha. I have a task for him."
  • "Don't be shy... it bores me!
  • "The Drifter? Here? And he didn't stop to say hello? I am... disappointed."
  • "So many questions! I'm beginning to become offended. You don't want to see me offended."
  • "I think you’ll find our friendship... agreeable."
  • "No one has called me Wolf in a very long time. I was born into that House, yes. But even then I knew a bad investment when I saw one."[54]

Bounty quotes

  • "House of Dusk, fah! House of Desperation! House of Erased Differences! Differences define us."
  • "The House of Dusk, such as it is, hangs on by a thread. I see no material harm to my people if you go ahead and cut them loose, my friend."
  • "Oh, of course the Prison of Elders was a collaboration between the Awoken and the Eliksni. Don't look so surprised."
  • "Perhaps if the Red Legion had spoken to me we could have worked out an agreement, but they disrespected me. I want them out."[48]
  • "This one's personal."
  • "Happy Hunting."
  • "Give Yann my regards. This one's a long time coming."
  • "Vex salvage is worth good money."
  • "Keep an eye on your radar. You won't find this one hiding."
  • "You'll have to look sharp for this one. She's on the move."
  • "Does it matter where the money comes from, as long as you are paid?"
  • "I imagine even the Hive want this one dead."
  • "Bring back a souvenir, would you? Perhaps some wretched Awoken man's arm?"
  • "Tell them who owns the Shore."
  • "Ha! Petra sent this one in. The Awoken have long memories, but not so long as mine..."
  • "Ah, Nessus. What a trash fire. Glad you're going, and not I."
  • "No one's paying me for this one, friend. This vengeance is mine alone."
  • "Scum of Hiraks! Stamp him out, I want no part of that blasphemy!"
  • "Sava-who? Mm, yes, that's right. The clever girl. If she's so clever, what's she want with Titan?"
  • "What's it say, 'Nariks'? Hmm. You're lucky I'm not sending you after that chatterbox AI."
  • "The Hive do have the right idea with their Ogres. Monsters of that size are indispensible when negotiating business."
  • "They'll have scattered halfway across the system by now. To Titan and beyond."
  • "Here's one for you. Cabal deserter, Mars. Ordinarily, I'd look the other way... but it's the Cabal who are paying me. Ha"
  • "Those foul creatures are trying to regroup. Don't let them."
  • "Lots of nasty little nooks and crannies on Earth… Happy hunting, friend."
  • "This one survived the Reef War. But all luck must run out some time…"
  • "Another that the Awoken want dead. Feh. They're paying, so what do I care. One has to cultivate a certain... open-mindedness, don't you think?"
  • "What are you standing around for? Nessus is more than just a hop and a skip away from my Shore. Get going!"
  • "Another day, another salvage order. I need Vex Mind cores. What's more, I've got a high bidder for another outaw."
  • "Titan has oceans within oceans, my friend, and you do not wish to see what swims those depths. Perhaps the Hive are growing gills. Ha!"
  • "Ah, this is rich! This is one that the Vanguard wants brought in! What do you think, my friend, shall I charge them triple?"
  • "Oh, of course the Prison of Elders was a collaboration between the Awoken and the Eliksni. Don't look so surprised."
  • "When you find them… make sure to capture telemetry, my friend. I find the suffering of my enemies tremendously uplifting."
  • "Can't say as I care much for the Taken, but I've got a contact who will pay good money for this one's head..."
  • "As to where you should look… well. Where would you go if you didn't want to be found?"
  • "Did you know there are three ways to kill a Hive god? How many ways do you suppose there are to resurrect one? Get out there!"
  • "I imagine some of them will flee toward Sol instead of charting an escape beyond the Reef. If they were clever, do you imagine they'd have been caught?"


  • The Spider was once a Wolf born, traces of his past can also be seen on his blue helmet.
  • Alongside Variks, The Loyal and Mithrax, the Forsaken, The Spider is the third known Fallen to be a Guardian ally.
  • He is the second Fallen observed speaking English behind Variks, The Loyal.
    • However, he speaks it far more fluently than Variks.
  • The Spider has shown to be rather fidgety with his hands, often moving his hands a great deal.
    • He uses a Ghost Shell to likely deal with this.
  • He has a fascination with Earth's culture before the Golden Age, as he collects the most famous pieces of art throughout Human history.
    • Identified in his collection are several examples of ancient Greek pottery, Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, and two paintings implied to be Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Georgia O'Keeffe's Cow's Skull: Red, White, and Blue.
    • The Spider's obsession with pre-Golden Age human culture is revealed to extend beyond art, as the lore for the Cryptolith Lure reveals he owns "a pre-Collapse datapad, named after a fruit."
  • The Spider is performed and voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.[55]
  • The Spider may possess his own ketch, as one can find such a ship by turning around in the safe zone at Thieves' Landing. The ketch is decorated in orange stripes, which reflects the Spider's insignia and bounties.
  • The Spider and the Drifter have a strong business relationship. So much so that Spider would send his failed associates to go survive the Drifter’s Gambit and Gambit Prime or die.
  • The Spider shows enmity towards multiple escapees from the Prison, such as Calzar, Scarred Captain, Fortifier Yann, and Student of Beltrik, personally issuing bounties on them.[56]
  • In the lore tab of the Exotic Sparrow Warden's Wailer, the Spider is erroneously described as having 20 fingers, which is impossible as Fallen have always been portrayed with three fingers on each of their four hands (a total of 12). This is likely a developer oversight.


List of appearances[edit]


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