Yaviks, the Rider

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This article is about the Scorn Baron. For the Adventure, see Target: The Rider.
Yaviks, the Rider
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Other names:

The Rider
Yaviks, the Hoss
Yaviks, the Untamed




House of Exile (formerly)







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Target: The Rider


Scorn Pike


Trail of Flame
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Rally Enforcers
Pike Charge


"Don't be afraid of dying under our Pikes. Fear surviving."
— Yaviks, the Rider[1]

Yaviks, the Rider[2] is a Baron of the Scorn, who leads a personal gang of Pike riders.


Yaviks is a talented Rider, well known for being the first to complete the nearly impossible run through the Ragged Valley, a chaotic space of multiple asteroids strung together. For this, she was highly praised by her fellow Barons and even by Marcus Ren, who only succeeded after 5 tries.[3]

Her reasons for making the run are unknown, but the legend grew with each telling of the story. Stories such as running away with Ether, making off with Golden Age technology to fleeing from a vengeful fireteam. Others include her being challenged by a Kell or Archon as a test of skill or because her relationship with Fikrul was complicated.[3]

Riding atop an upgraded Heavy Pike, Yaviks sought to replace the hierarchy of the Fallen by spreading anarchy across the Reef. Through her various cruises, she released deadly toxins along the way. She is also responsible for the destruction of eight Awoken outposts, six Techeun temples, and hundreds of Awoken lives.

However, her days of riding were cut short when Cayde arrived and caught her after beating her in a race.[4] Locked deep within the Prison of Elders, she was freed after the events of the Red War by Uldren Sov, and was present as he executed Cayde-6.[1]


Yaviks, the Rider

Yaviks' Pike is a more heavily modified version of its standard counterpart. Its nose-mounted turrets now deal Void damage instead of Arc, and its shots travel in a slightly more winded trajectory in order to better track their targets; it also comes equipped with launchers that periodically fire a barrage of Scorn Rockets, which can seriously damage or even destroy a Guardian-controlled Pike. When boosting, Yaviks' Pike emits a flaming trail which burns everything in its wake, and an energy barrier appears on the front of the vehicle to both protect it from damage as well as knock enemy vehicles around by ramming into them. To deal the most damage and take the least damage in return, it is recommended to flank Yaviks from all possible angles.



  • Yaviks is the only member of the Scorned Barons to not have a unique design and instead looks like a regular Stalker.

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