Tacitas, Subjugated Mind

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Tacitas, Subjugated Mind
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Tacitas, Subjugated Mind is an Axis Mind Wyvern that appears in the Override: Europa mission in Season of the Splicer and is the main boss of the mission.


The encounter with Tacitas will start on a pillar in the center of the room encircled in a shield with Goblins worshiping it. The Fireteam will need to hack into a nearby Conflux to force Tacitas out to fight them. Tacitas fights extremely aggressively, constantly trying to close the gap in between it and its target with teleportation, gravity slams, or simply slowly walking towards the target so it can deal as much damage as possible with its Warp Lance. If it feels overwhelmed by all six Guardians shooting it, Tacitas activates its fan shield which unlike its normal Wyvern counterparts, protects most of its body with the exception of the critical spot on its back and its face from all damage.

Once a third of Tacitas' health has been drained it teleports back into its pillar shield and summons in three shielded conflux cubes, two Cyclopes and a Barrier Hobgoblin. Killing the Champion will remove the shields covering the conflux cubes, making them vulnerable; as well as drop a Data Spike which can be deposited where the encounter is originally begun to gain the “Splicer’s Will” buff. Once all three cubes are destroyed, Tacitas will return to the field. Tacitas does this for each of the first two thirds of its health. After the second shield wave, Tacitas will be permanently vulnerable and can then be destroyed with relative ease.



  • Tacitas is the first named Ultra Wyvern.
    • Tacitas also is the first Wyvern to have an original design.
  • Tacitas is currently the largest known Wyvern.

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