Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent

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Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent
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Sol Divisive (Sol Inherent)


Axis Mind



Combat Information


Garden of Salvation


Harpy Slap Rifle


Summon Vex
Summon Angelic
High Durability
Initial Immunity
Voltaic Overload
Enlightened Buff
Volatile Penitence
Constructed Rapture


The Consecrated Mind was a Harpy Axis Mind of the Sol Divisive encountered as the first boss of the Garden of Salvation Raid. It is one of the two Sol Inherent Minds that were exposed to the Pyramid Scale found in the Garden. It was found attempting to exalt the remainder of its Vex subtype before its battle with the Guardians.


The Consecrated Mind resembles Theosyion, the Restorative Mind in overall shape, having a double layer of six protective plates as opposed to the three possessed by most Harpies; however, its chassis is partially covered by a layer of organic-looking stone, and it has a mass of thick, holographic-looking tentacles projecting from both its plates and core. In addition to the central "eye" common to most Harpies, it can also manifest additional "eyes" on its plates.

The origin and purpose of the Consecrated Mind is unclear; when it was first encountered, it was seen interacting with a Sol Divisive Minotaur in a way that suggested it may have been either consuming or converting it. The presence of a Pyramid Scale in the adjacent region of the Black Garden suggests that the Consecrated Mind, and by extension the Sanctified Mind, were in some way altered by exposure to the Darkness.


As the Guardians track the mysterious signal from the Unknown Artifact they received from the Darkness itself in the Pyramid, they travel to the Black Garden once more to investigate. Upon first entry, they encounter the macabre Consecrated Mind who then flees across the widening labyrinth of the Garden with the Guardians in pursuit. Despite using the Garden's time-ways and having legions of Sol Divisive Vex at its disposal, the Guardians prevented the Consecrated Mind from using its most powerful weapon and, after gathering Voltaic Motes, managed to damage the Mind. Ultimately, despite its power, the Guardians destroy the Consecrated Mind, allowing them to traverse deeper into the Black Garden.


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  • When players first enter the area encountering the Consecrated Mind, it appears to be devouring, creating or altering a Sol Divisive Minotaur.
  • The Consecrated Mind is the second Ultra Harpy boss ever encountered in a raid, with The Gorgons of the Vault of Glass being the first. It also possesses a strong resemblance to Theosyion, the Restorative Mind, only with more tentacles and green growths on it's chassis.
  • The first encounter involves “evading” the Consecrated Mind, which leads to the guardians containing the Mind’s Voltaic Overload, but not actually managing to harm it.

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