Garden of Salvation

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The Garden calls out to you.


Crown of Sorrow



Garden of Salvation


Destiny 2



Recommended Light Level:



The Black Garden


Track the source of the Unknown Artifact's signal into the Black Garden.

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Garden of Salvation is the latest Raid in Destiny 2, released in the Shadowkeep expansion. Taking place deep within the Black Garden, the Guardians are tasked with tracking the source of Unknown Artifact's signal, given to them by the Darkness itself.

The raid features Guardians progressing through the Black Garden, as they battle an onslaught of Sol Divisive Vex. It was made available to players on October 5th, 2019.




Evade The Consecrated Mind[edit]

"Evade The Consecrated Mind" is the first encounter in the raid. Prior to this, the fireteam of 6 guardians will have to split into 2 teams of 3 to activate a security bypass protocol, in order to activate the next stage after this encounter. There are holes at the sides of the walls where the stairs are, before reaching the arena where The Consecrated Mind is. Inside those holes, there are platforms, which have a tether cube in the bottom. The objective here is to connect both tether cubes from each side to bypass the security protocol and proceed as usual.

For the encounter of The Consecrated Mind. The fireteam will split in 2 teams of 3, one staying with the Harpy, and the other running to the right side, where they will have to unlock a door using tether cubes for the other team to go through.

Team Harpy:

         The Harpy will start the encounter by "spitting" a voltaic charge, which a member of the team will have to pick up before it explodes and kills the entire fireteam. The rest of the team will clear enemies that will spawn quite frequently, including void-shielded minotaurs, goblins, etc. The harpy will spit the voltaic charge a total of 3 times while the other team is unlocking the door to the next stage, so each member of the team should have picked a charge once by the time the other team opens the gate.

Team Doors:

         You will run to the right side of the arena and open a door via linking yourselves with a tether cube thats at the start. How do you link? Well, the people in charge of unlocking the door have to stand in a row, while reaching a receptor in the door. The objective here is to link the laser the tether cube emits with that receptor. Once you unlock the gate, go through, looking for another tether cube meanwhile Team Harpy is holding off the Consecrated Mind. During this stage, you´ll meet waves of enemies trying to keep you occupied while trying to open the next gate, so be careful and try not to die, since raids have a tough system of lives. Using the same method as before, link the tether cube with the gate and notify Team Harpy they are ready to go, because now, you have to switch roles. Thats right, Team Harpy is becoming Team Doors and viceversa.

Why do you have to switch roles, you ask? Well, the voltaic charge gives you a cooldown of 2 minutes, denying you from picking another voltaic charge. If you try to pick up a voltaic charge while on cooldown, you die, its easy. Since Team Doors didnt have to deal with the Voltaic charges before, they dont have a cooldown, while Team Harpy does. Thats why they have to switch roles.

The gates procedure is done I think 3 times, being the last gate the most difficult in my personal opinion, since you have to connect 2 different cubes to the gate.

After you pass the 3 gates, the Consecrated Mind will start teleporting throughout the field and spitting voltaic charges. Of course, those who dont have it shall pick them up. Meanwhile, you are meant to be running across the field until a certain point where the Harpy dissapears and the encounter is done. Congrats! You get loot from that!

And now its time to do a tether puzzle between everyone in the fireteam.

Some general tips: Don't be too harsh on your team or yourselves, its very easy to fail this first encounter, specially if it is your first time doing the raid. Its ok if you wipe (everyone dies) a certain amount of times, its like... expected. Communicate well with your team, coordinate when you are going to tether or pick up a voltaic charge, thats the key for this first encounter, ok?

Summon The Consecrated Mind[edit]

Summoning the Consecrated Mind... This is pretty simple but its very easy to fail, because of the inmense amount of coordination with the players which will have certain roles. To give some context, upon completing the tether puzzle I mentioned before in the first encounter, you will walk to a section of the raid which has 4 relays spread across the map. You can imagine this as a diamond shaped map.

Summon the Consecrated Mind Map.png

As you can see, there are 4 relays spread across the map, as I said before. The fireteam, in this case, will split into 4 defenders and 2 runners. Their job will be as follows:


        The defenders will be split across the 4 relays in each corner of the map. Their job will be keeping white-shielded Vex away from these relays, because they want to sacrifice in order to detonate the relay and wipe the whole team. How will they be able to destroy those? Well, there is a tether box, what a surprise. This is where the runners cooperate with the defenders.


        The runners will have the job of refreshing a certain buff you get when you link a tether cube with a relay. This buff is important, since it allows the player to damage the shield of the Vex trying to sacrifice. The runners, since they are two, they will be cooperating each with 2 defenders at the same time, refreshing the buff and also helping them with enemies, since they are alone at the relays. Lets say for example, as you can see, position 1 and 2, which are Underbrush and Thicket (no one calls their positions like that, they use numbers). The first runner will be in charge of refreshing positions 1 and 2 everytime they have like 10 seconds remaining of the buff.

Take into account that there is a long path between each position, but dont worry, since there are portals in each position that trigger once a buff is refreshed, which allow you to warp between relays and make the whole buff thing faster.

Now, when is the encounter over? This encounter is based on rounds. The way of completing the encounter is by killing Angelics, which are boss-like Hydras. Each round, which are like 3 or 4 by my calculations, there will be Angelics spawning in each relay position, they must be killed of course. Rarely, there will be 3 angelics at one position but thats fine, its supposed to happen at least in one corner. The defender is meant to notify the runner when this happens, so he or she can aid their partner. Once the 3 or 4 rounds of Angelics passes, the gates in the middle will open. Everyone must run inmediately to the center of the map, which is position 5 in the picture. After everyone reaches the center, its time to defend the last Relay. There is a tether cube near the relay which is guarded by an Angelic. Kill it and unlock the tether cube to grant yourselves the buff which allows you to kill the shielded Vex. These Vex will spawn in each corridor you see, and you have to stop them from sacrificing themselves in the relay at the center. Added to that, there will also be more Angelics in said corridors. You have to clear each wave of this Vexes, kill the angelics, while refreshing the buff constantly. From my personal experience, this waves should take just 2 links to the relay. After you do this, the feed will say Undergrowth Defenses subsided, which means the second encounter is over. Yay! More loot for you!

Defeat The Consecrated Mind[edit]

  • TBA

Conquer The Sanctified Mind[edit]

  • TBA

Unique Enemies[edit]





  • Inherent Truth emblem
  • Ancient Believer shader
  • Ancient Defender shader

New Mechanics[edit]

  • The tether mechanic.


  • Garden of Salvation is the first Raid in Destiny history to take place in the Black Garden. It is also the second full Vex raid in the series, following the Vault of Glass.
  • The community has nicknamed Garden of Salvation as the “Vault of Grass”.
  • This Raid seems to be a crossover between Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying as it uses events from both releases.