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Vex Warp Gate

The Transfer Gate (sometimes called a Warp Gate) is a construct used by the Vex to warp units from other parts of time and space into the Solar System.[1]


According to notes taken by Clovis Bray I, Vex gates appear to lack meaningful structure or instrumentality, instead being a seemingly arbitrary arrangement of metallic components. He speculated that the gates instead serve as a kind of "password" that is recognized by some technology far away in time and/or space, which will manifest a working portal only when the component pieces of the gate have been assembled in the correct shape.

They appear on Venus, in certain areas on Mars, in the Vault of Glass, and the Black Garden, teleporting reinforcements to battle Guardians and others. Skolas utilized several of these Gates during the House of Wolves' Story mission Queen's Ransom, where he attempted to pull his entire House through time and space.[2]

In the Prison of Elders there is a single inactive gate similar to the one used to enter the Black Garden, which is where the boss of that round stands. Many Crucible maps, such as Vertigo and Crossroads, feature active Transfer Gates which teleport Guardians about the map.

Transfer Gates are also present on Nessus and Io.


  • Although the Vex portals generated by the Transfer Gate can be destroyed by players' weapons, the physical structure themselves cannot. This feature is not present in Destiny 2.
  • The style of Vex warp gates seem to correspond with a variety of time periods, as the warp gates of future Vex appear synonymous with the Vex of the ancient past. Whereas the warp gates of past Vex maintain the same dilapidated nature of Future Vex.

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