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08:40, Monday, 16 July 2018 (UTC)
"There was a time, when we were much more powerful, but that was long ago."

Welcome to my userpage! I joined Destinypedia in February 2013 shortly after Bungie's public reveal of Destiny. I was an admin for a short time in 2014 before resigning, only to return and become an admin again in October 2016. Please use either my talk page or message board to contact me and I will respond as soon as I can. I was the founder of this wiki's Discord Server, but since I'm no longer active on there, please direct all queries to Dante the Ghost.

Because of real life and other obligations, I no longer visit this place daily, nor do I really follow the franchise anymore.

Wiki maintenance links
Current projects
Below are some projects I'm working on, have worked on, or plan to work on. The stage of each one is shown (complete, in-progress, planned, ongoing) as well as the priority of each project (low, medium, high).

Name Stage Priority
"Golden Age" project Ongoing Medium
Update article templates Ongoing Low
Work on a dark/night theme. In-progress High
Make a bot for the wiki Complete High
Main Page Revamp Complete High
Community Portal Revamp Complete Medium
Create Transcript Guide Complete Low