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Level Up Icon.jpg This Guardian is Level 40 in Destiny.
Rune of the Disciple.jpg This Guardian prefers the Warlock class.
Sigil of the War Cult.jpg This Guardian pledges to the Future War Cult.
Omen of the Dead.jpg This Guardian pledges to Dead Orbit.
Badge of the Monarchy.jpg This Guardian pledges to New Monarchy.
Founder's Seal.jpg This Guardian was there before the Beginning.
Xbox-live-logo.png This user is a member of Xbox Live.
Xbox One Console and Controller.png This user owns an Xbox One.
United States.svg This user lives in the United States of America.
Wiki.png This user has been a member of Destinypedia since 17 February 2013.
Wiki.png This user has made 2,697 edits to Destinypedia!
This user was the GUARDIAN OF THE MONTH for the month of January 2014! Destiny-IntrusionGhostShell.png
This admin was the VANGUARD OF THE MONTH for the month of March 2017! Vanguard.png

Funny logs
  • 10:16, 9 March 2013 Porplemontage (talk | contribs) changed group membership for User:Porplemontage from bureaucrat and administrator to bureaucrat, administrator and developer (My whole life is a lie)

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