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"There is no future but now. No truth but war."
Grimoire description
Future War Cult
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Late Golden Age


The Last City




Consensus Member
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The War Cult


Inner Circle


The Future War Cult (FWC) is one of the factions of the Guardians of the City.[1] Members of the Cult are known for their military prowess as well as their secrecy. They believe that war with the Darkness is inevitable, whether they stay on Earth or attempt to flee, and therefore they must be ready to fight. They are also deeply concerned with fate, and whether or not it is possible to alter history altogether. The Cult is led by a group called the Inner Circle.[2]


Archaeological findings indicate that they have existed as early as the late Golden Age.[3] The Future War Cult was founded by Dr. Maya Sundaresh and her team in Lhasa, as a result of their experiments on a Vex-inspired mind-forking device used to look into the future. This device caused its users to become mentally unstable, and they began worshipping the device as a god.[4] The modern FWC recovered the design of the device and rebuilt it in The City. Use of the device was abandoned when most users became insane. Those who did not reported different timelines where the Darkness is victorious or the City has fallen. This device forms the basis of FWC's beliefs.[3]

The Future War Cult was once an outsider faction. When the Concordat faction fell from grace, the Future War Cult was selected to replace it in the Consensus and was granted access to the Tower. The Consensus felt that the Cult's philosophy was more interesting than dangerous, and its focus on combat would both attract former Concordat members and aid in the Guardians' effort to restore the City's territory.[5]

Recently, Future War Cult has been investigating the disappearances of certain Guardians who have apparently been lost to time. These Guardians are Praedyth, Ana Bray, and Pujari.[6]

Known Members


Players earn reputation with FWC by completing reputation missions (Patrol missions, Bounties, Strikes, etc) after allying with FWC. The following items are available:[8]

  • Rank 0: Nothing.
  • Rank 1: Legendary Class Item, Legendary Leg armor, and Legendary Gauntlets.
  • Rank 2: Legendary FWC armor. Armor provides bonuses to discipline and intellect.
  • Rank 3: Legendary FWC weapons.[3]
  • Rank 25: Exotic FWC Class Item.


"What does the future bring? We alone have the answer. It has always been war. War between humans. War between species. War between Light and Darkness. War is the fundamental fabric of the universe. Dare we defy it? Will you help us prepare?"
—Allegiance recruitment speech
"War is the only way, Guardian. No walls will keep war out, no colony ships will outrun it, no debates or councils could ever ward it off. We must embrace it as our future, for it is the only way we will ever secure our present."
—Alternate allegiance recruitment speech
"The fiercest contest lies ahead. This is irrefutable."
—helmet description[9]
"Accept war as a fundamental process, not a transient condition."
—gauntlet description
"War is the struggle to exist. Everything real is a combatant."
—chest armor description
"When the last war comes, we will be the victors."
—leg armor description
"Tomorrow will be as yesterday was. There will always be a battle to be won."
—cloak description
"History's lords have ever painted the future in tones of fire and shadow."
—cloak description
"For every dead yesterday there waits a new dawn, with no promise of tomorrow."
—bond description
"Darkness consumes, but we shall mark the abyss with eternal fire."
—bond description
"There is no doubt that our future will be won in battle."
—mark description
"Passion and patience in equal measure will open the unlimited way."
—mark description

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