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House of Light


Mithrax, Kell of Light


Splicer Servitor


Eliksni Quarter, Last City

At war with:

House of Salvation
Sol Collective
Shadow Legion

Allied with:

Imperial Cabal
House of Spider


Season of the Drifter
Beyond Light
Season of the Splicer
Season of Plunder
Season of Defiance


"In many ways, the House of Light is traditional: we worship the Great Machine, and we embrace ancestral roles like Splicers and Scribes. "

The House of Light or House Light is a newly-formed Fallen House distinguishable by their green cloaks and armour. Founded by Mithrax, Kell of Light, they are an ally to the Last City who first provided intel of the Zero Hour heist and later the Dark activities of House Salvation.

Later, Ikora sought the help of Mithrax to help end the Endless Night created by the Vex. Due to the House being comprised of Eliksni refugees who deserted their former Houses, they were granted a shelter within the City called the Eliksni Quarter.[2]


Rise of Light

The House of Light was created by Mithrax, the Forsaken as he believed Humanity deserved the Traveler over the Fallen. Mithrax would go on to proclaim that he will become Kell to the "Open-Minded Fallen" who are willing to fight for the Traveler together with Humanity.[3]

Zero Hour

Despite not physically present, Mithrax's House made contact with the Guardians by leaving a Fallen Transponder on Titan. Upon deciphering the transponder with nodes found on Earth and Nessus, Mithrax met in secret beneath the Farm to enlist the Lightbearers in thwarting a heist lead by Siriks, Loyal to Eramis. Together they killed Siriks' crew and recovered the stolen SIVA weapon as Mithrax departs in a Skiff with his fireteam.

Season of the Worthy

While not involved in the events from Season of the Worthy, Saint-14 was asked by Osiris to make contact with the House of Light, to which the former hesitated, stating that he would rather not speak with Fallen but would find the time to do so.[4]

Defectors from Salvation

"Time will tell if House Light will change the fate of my people. No longer Fallen. Eliksni once more."
Variks, the Loyal[5]

The Guardian, with the assistance of Variks, helps defectors from The House of Salvation evacuate Europa to go join the House of Light on Earth after Eramis, Kell of Darkness begins to go mad with power and endangers Riis-Reborn.[6]

Season of the Splicer

When the Endless Night began, the Vanguard sought help from Mithrax and his Splicers, requiring their expertise with the Vex Network, and sent The Guardian to meet with him. The Kell had been shot down in the skies of Europa on a Skiff full of refugees, and they had sought refuge in a nearby cave. Mithrax left to meet with the Guardian, and demonstrated the use of his Splicer powers by opening a gate to the Vex Network. He agreed to help the Vanguard, who offered his people safe haven in the Last City.

The House of Light settled in the ruins of the Botza District, while their base of operation for the crisis was in the Eliksni Wing of the H.E.L.M.. During this time, the Eliksni of Light would begin mingling with the population of the city, setting up shops and trades. The situation was very tense however, with many citizens still afraid of having Fallen within the walls, and the Future War Cult being openly hostile to their presence, fueling the malcontent of the masses.

Tensions rose, fueled by the unnerving effects of the Endless Night, until a mob ransacked the Eliksni Quarters and sabotaged their ether supply. Despite this event, Mithrax refused to sever their alliance, understanding that the attack was motivated by fear, not malice. Ikora tasked Saint-14 to investigate the attack, but he found no witnesses. Further he found that its asking the people too much to have them live besides "monsters" they have fought for centuries. Mithrax countered this with a tale that the Eliskni told their young, of a monster, a nightmare, that hunted them without mercy, no matter how many times they slayed him, a monster they called "The Saint". Yet now to live in peace within the Last City, they must live beside that same nightmare everyday. Shaken by this story, Saint-14 slowly came to an understanding with Mithrax and after further working together in combating the Vex, Saint-14 accepted these Eliksni as different from the Fallen he fought in the past.

Though the Guardians and Splicers succeeded in destroying the architect of the Endless Night, proving that their alliance with the House of Light brought back daylight to the Last City, Lakshmi-2, leader of the Future War Cult, remained paranoid and wary of the House, desiring to see them expelled from the Last City. Frustrated that her attempts at switching the leadership of the Vanguard had no success, she ultimately decided to expel the House forcefully, by opening a Vex gate in the middle of the Eliksni Quarter. The machines came swarming from the portal, killing her and her followers and starting to massacre Human citizens and Eliksni alike. Guardians immediately intervened, with a team entering the Network to stop the Axis Mind, while Mithrax and Saint-14 held the ones on the surface back. Ultimately, the Vex were pushed back, but the casualties were high, among both Humans and Eliksni.

Post-Endless Night

The House would continue helping the Vanguard with its operations, with members sharing their insight on the methods of the Awoken[7], helping Saint-14 with the search for Osiris[8], and sending Splicers alongside Guardians and Imperial Cabal to explore the Derelict Leviathan[9].

Season of Plunder

Following the Nightmare Containment on the Derelict Leviathan, Mithrax would reluctantly allow The Spider and his syndicate sanctuary within the Eliksni Quarter of the Last City alongside his House of Light after the Drifter smuggled him out of the Reef to avoid any retribution from Mara Sov. However, after Spider's stasis pod was commandeered by the House of Salvation on Europa, the Drifter called in a favor from the Guardian to help recover him. Though they were successful in recusing the Spider, his crew and his Ketch, they made a disturbing discovery: Eramis had been set free from her stasis prison, thanks to The Witness, and now rallies what is left of her House and seeks to gather the Old Crews of pirate legend. Using these pirates, Eramis begins a search for lost relics of the Dark Ages.

As the Spider set up shop within the Ether Tank, a makeshift bar, Mithrax met with Drifter, his daughter Eido, and the Guardian to discuss Eramis's return. Though Mithrax wanted to rally the Vanguard to deal with the Shipstealer, Drifter explains that both Zavala and Ikora are too preoccupied with either preparing for when Calus will make his next move or looking for Eramis from the shadows, thus leaving only them. Both Eido and the Guardian agree while Mithrax reluctantly complies to the plan to take on Eramis and the Old Crews like pirates. In between missions in acquiring the relics before Eramis could claim them, giving them to Eido for study, and taking out the Pirate Lords, Mithrax would provide aid to the Guardian as they collected treasures from the raiders, wishing to use the treasure to help his people, such as turning the Eliskni Quarter from a refuge into a true home. However, Mithrax would get aggravated with Spider despite their partnership in combating Eramis, as the crime boss constantly sought a "share" of each treasure they claim. Further, the Guardian notices that Mithrax may be partially aware of what Eramis may actually be looking for but the Light Kell does not share on what it may be.

Eido would grow dissatisfied with her father's reluctance to share his past and his knowledge regarding the relics, leading the Scribe to work behind Mithrax's back to find out the truth herself. At first, Eido tried speaking with Spider but she would caught by her father, who was angered by her disobedience. Yet despite Mithrax's stern warning to leave his past be, Eido continues to find out what her father doesn't want to know. In addition, Eido comes to believe that Eramis can be reasoned with, despite the Guardians doubts and Mithrax's stating that the Shipstealer wouldn't abandon her cause. Without informing her father or even the Guardians, Eido would reach out to Eramis, requesting a parlay after it was discovered that a third party was also looking for the relics, something that Mithrax considered reckless and foolish. Despite this, the Salvation Kell would answer Eido's request to a parlay and hear her out. Mithrax would accompany his daughter to the meeting place, also requesting the Guardian to join the meeting for further protection. Though Eido remains resolute that she can reason with Eramis, her father disagrees. Eramis herself enters the meeting and while she is interested in hearing about this third party, the Shipstealer refused to back down from her crusade before ultimately revealing the true nature of the relics and of her father's connection to them when Mithrax himself refused to tell Eido. The relics are in fact pieces of the dead Disciple of the Witness, Nezarec. His body found within the Lunar Pyramid by Mithrax's mother, Inaaks, when he was just a hatchling and carved into talisman pieces that granted their bearers great power but also worsened their behaviors. When Mithrax inherited a piece, he became addicted to its power, becoming feared for his brutality and greed, before finally rejecting the piece and forging his new life as Kell of the House of Light. Yet, despite turning a new leaf, Eramis claims that Mithrax will always be a liar and a killer. The truth leaves Eido speechless before Eramis takes her leave in satisfaction. Mithrax attempted to explain himself but Eido refused to hear it and left, leaving the Light Kell ashamed.

Regardless of Eramis driving a wedge between Mithrax and his daughter, the Guardians nonetheless continued the mission in collecting the relics before the Old Crews bring them to the Shipstealer, eventually discovering that the mysterious third party was in fact, the Lucent Brood Hive. Though what they wanted with the pieces of Nezarec would remain a mysterious. On her part, Eido would be left hurt that her father hid the truth from her, feeling that he didn't want his own daughter to know him, but nonetheless remained committed to the mission yet she would also continue to make brief correspondence with Eramis, eventually getting past the aggressive and brutal surface of the Salvation Kell a bit. When it came to the point that only one relic remained, Eido secretly went ahead to claim it without violence but would discover that the Lucent Hive were close to locating it themselves. The Guardian and Mithrax would arrive at the scene and race to rescue Eido as she became cornered by the Lucent Brood but to their surprise, Eido would be protected by Eramis herself, slaying the last of the Lucent Hive as the Guardian and Mithrax enter. The two Kells would get into a heated sword duel even as Eido pleaded for them to stop. Mithrax would get the upper hand, disarming Eramis and leave her at his mercy. The Shipstealer tried to goad Mithrax into kill her but the Light Kell refused, leading Eramis to flee aboard her Ketch.

Though Eramis escaped, the Guardians were successful in gathering all the relics, which Mithrax would take into his care and from his research, he managed to turn the pure darkness of the pieces into a special brew which he gave to Saint-14 for Osiris's recovery. The brew worked in finally waking Osiris from his coma after his form was used by the Witch Queen. Further, with the amassed riches the Guardians gained from the Old Crews, the Eliksni Quarter was given some renovations such as improvements to the Ether Tank, new housing being added, some Eliksni being trained for security in the Tower, a community garden and even a gathering spot for the eliksni to share and debate.



Light Scribes

Light Splicers

Light Members




Eliksni Quarter, Week 1

Eliksni Quarter, Week 4

Eliksni Quarter, Week 7

Eliksni Quarter, Week 9

Eliksni Wing

The Tower


  • House of Light members can be seen in the Annex and Bazar regions of the Tower, with a total of 8 Eliksni, while 20 Eliksni can be in the Eliksni Wing of the HELM. In the Botza District encampment there are 32 Eliksni who inhabit it. This is excluding the Eliksni hatchlings.
  • As the House of Light integrated themselves with the City, one Eliksni ventured into the Ramen shop and ordered a "spicy five star" ramen. Pleased by the meal, the Eliksni offered a small model of the Traveler as compensation, but the meal was given for free as the Eliksni was a new customer.[10]
  • Within the Eliksni Quarters, the Eliksni have painted a purple symbol with to ward off the Guardians so their hatchlings could sleep peacefully at night. The purple symbol is a depiction of Saint-14's helmet.

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