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House of Light


Mithrax, Kell of Light
Eido, Daughter of Misraaks


Splicer Servitor


Joker's Wild
Beyond Light
Season of the Splicer

"In many ways, the House of Light is traditional: we worship the Great Machine, and we embrace ancestral roles like Splicers and Scribes. "

The House of Light or House Light is a newly-formed Fallen House distinguishable by their green cloaks and armour. Founded by Mithrax, Kell of Light, they are an ally to the Last City who first provided intel of the Zero Hour heist and later the Dark activities of House Salvation.

Later, Ikora sought the help of Mithrax to help end the Endless Night created by the Vex. Due to the House being comprised of Eliksni refugees who deserted their former Houses, they were granted a shelter within the City called Eliksni Quarters.[2]


Rise of Light

The House of Light was created by Mithrax, the Forsaken as he believed Humanity deserved the Traveler over the Fallen. Mithrax would go on to proclaim that he will become Kell to the “Open-Minded Fallen” who are willing to fight for the Traveler together with Humanity.[3]

Zero Hour

Despite not physically being in the Zero Hour, The House of Light led an assault against those Loyal to Eramis, the attack was led by Mithrax, their Kell, and the Guardian.

Season of the Worthy

While not involved in the events of the present day, Saint-14 was asked by Osiris to make contact with the House of Light, to which the former hesitated, stating that he would rather not speak with Fallen but would find the time to do so.[4]

Defectors from Salvation

"Time will tell if House Light will change the fate of my people. No longer Fallen. Eliksni once more."
Variks, the Loyal[5]

The Guardian, with the assistance of Variks, helps defectors from The House of Salvation evacuate Europa to go join the House of Light on Earth after Eramis, Kell of Darkness begins to go mad with power and endangers Riis-Reborn.[6]

Season of the Splicer

Mithrax once again teams up with The Young Wolf to stop the threat of the endless night simulation by the Vex. Here it is revealed that he is an Eliksni Splicer. The House of Light sets up their base of operations in the H.E.L.M. to assist in ending the growing Vex threat alongside the Guardians.



Light Scribes

Light Splicers

Light Members




Eliksni Quarter, Week 1

Eliksni Quarter, Week 4

Eliksni Quarter, Week 7

Eliksni Quarter, Week 9

Eliksni Wing

The Tower


  • House of Light members can be seen in the Annex and Bazar regions of the Tower, with a total of 8 Eliksni. While 20 Eliksni can be in the Eliksni Wing of the HELM. In the Botza District encampment there are 32 Eliksni who inhabit it. This is excluding the Eliksni hatchlings.
  • As the House of Light integrated themselves with the City, one Eliksni ventured into the Ramen shop and ordered a "spicy five star" ramen. Pleased by the meal, the Eliksni offered a small model of the Traveler as compensation, but the meal was given for free as the Eliksni was a new customer.[7]
  • Within the Eliksni Quarters, the Eliksni have painted a purple symbol with to ward off the Guardians so their hatchlings could sleep peacefully at night. The purple symbol is a depiction of Saint-14's helmet.

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