Shadow Legion

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Shadow Legion


Siege and occupy the city of Neomuna
Link the Veil to the Traveler
Capture and detain civilians of Earth


The Witness
Emperor Calus


Typhon Imperator
Shadow Legion Prisons



At war with:

House of Light
Imperial Cabal
Sol Collective

Allied with:

Loyalists (absorbed)
Cabal Deserters


"Oh, is that you my tenacious little Guardian? What do you think of my Shadow Legion? [cackles] Revel in these hollow victories. I want you in the best of spirits when we meet in the arena."
Emperor Calus to The Guardian

The Shadow Legion (also known as the Dark Cabal) is a Cabal Legion that act as the personal army to the newly risen Disciple of the Witness, Emperor Calus.[1] They are composed of Calus' former Loyalists and defectors from Empress Caiatl's Cabal Ascendancy, all possessing paracausal Pyramid technology from the Black Fleet to aid in combatting the Guardians and suppress their powers.


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"My faithful Shadow Legion, this is your glorious emperor speaking. Our alliance with the Witness bears such "delectable" fruits. [chuckles] Together, we will devour Sol!"
Emperor Calus.

The Shadow Legion were first seen in battle during the Black Fleet's final attack on the Traveler, during which Coalition forces engaged the Pyramids and Shadow Legion vessels in orbit around Earth. After The Witness reached out to the Traveler and discovered the location of the Veil on Neptune, It would send Emperor Calus and his forces to retrieve it.

The Legion would arrive at the city of Neomuna and come into conflict with the Guardian and the city’s protectors, the Cloud Striders Rohan and Nimbus. They would be ordered by Emperor Calus to retrieve the Veil and create a link with it and the Traveler using the Radial Mast. The Guardian infiltrated Calus’s ship the Typhon Imperator to destroy the mast. Despite their best efforts, the Guardian would be forced to retreat with the assistance of the Imperial Cabal led by Caiatl.[2] The Legion would attempt to create the link but the mast was destroyed by Rohan who sacrificed himself.[3] Calus would lead an attack to attempt to capture the Veil, and the former Cabal Emperor would meet his end in the Veil containment room by the hand of the Guardian. However, the Witness possessed the Guardian's Ghost and created a link, beginning its plans for the Final Shape and entering a portal.[4]

Despite the death of their leader, the Shadow Legion would continue to withstand. During the conflict on Neomuna, they began capturing and imprisoning people on Earth in their prisons. The Coalition would break out Amanda and organize strike teams to free other prisoners.[5] They would serve and fight for the Disciple Nezarec at the terraformed pyramid, where the resurrected Disciple would be slain.[6] The Guardian, Amanda Holliday, and Mithrax would infiltrate a secret prison. They would be warned by Eramis of the danger that resided inside, but they persisted. They defeated the Tormentor Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness and freed the prisoners, but Amanda was killed in an explosion as she stayed behind to give the prisoners more time to escape.[7] The forces of the Coalition would infiltrate and destroy one of the Legion's flagships to avenge Amanda's death. Since then, the Shadow Legion would begin to withdraw from the EDZ but some holdouts would remain, with Crow stating that the Shadow Legion hasn't made any attempts to test the Last City's airspace.[8]


"The Shadow Legion are not the Cabal we are used to. We must not assume their strategies or tactics. They do not fight for honor or glory. They fight only for the Witness."

Fundamentally, the Shadow Legion bears little differences to either Calus's Loyalists or even the Red Legion, but only augmented by Pyramid technology. Unlike the Loyalists during Season of the Haunted, a majority of the Shadow Legion's soldiers are mainly deserters and traitors to the empire while a small number are fully grown cloned Cabal and have no independent thought or higher-brain functions beyond following the will of Calus and The Witness.[9] Prisoners of the Shadow Legion noted that when not being given orders, some of the soldiers just stood guard silently and breathe deeply, almost wheezing, which unnerved the prisoners more than anything.[10] Devrim Kay would add to this during his recon missions on Shadow Legion troops, citing a lack of nuance in their voices and an "emptiness" within them.[11] Crow would later further add that during his engagements with the Shadow Legion, stating that they "fight like Frames", mindlessly devoted to the orders they were given.[12]

One notable distinction within the Shadow Legion is that it employs the Tormentors, massive entities subservient to the Witness itself, acting as either personal agents of Calus or as specialized field commanders to combat the Guardians thanks to their abilities to drain a Guardian of their powers. Further, due to their shared service to the Witness, the Shadow Legion has also been seen to fight alongside the Taken.



Shadow Commanders





Shadow Elites


Unique Forces

War Beast variants
Psion variants
Legionary variants
Phalanx variants
Incendior variants
Gladiator variants
Centurion variants
Colossus variants
Tormentor variants







  • Shadow Legion Psions and Centurions have their heads fully covered by their helmets, similar to their D1 counterparts.

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