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Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Begin your trek through the Pale Heart and search for Crow

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Temptation is the second Story Mission of the Final Shape expansion.


  • Search for Crow
  • Clear the Area
  • Search the Area
    • Conduits deactivated
      • X of 3
  • Defeat the Pillar of Denial
  • Find Crow


(Mission Begins)

Cayde-6: Feels a bit strange being back on this side of the comms. Just like the good ol' days.

Cayde-6: Now, last transmission I got from Crow was just before you showed up.

Ghost: You said he and Glint were scouting ahead.

Cayde-6: Right. He called it some sort of anomaly, said he'd sniff around the perimeter.

Cayde-6: Personally? I prefer a more direct approach.

Following the bird of Light from their vision, the Guardian begins their search for Crow.

Cayde-6: I ever tell you about the Hunter Vanguard before me? His name was Andal Brask; he was my mentor.

Cayde-6: Great shot. TERRIBLE gambler. Still, we had this friendly little wager about what was inside the Traveler.

Cayde-6: I told him, "There's nothing." So of coarse, Andal says, "Well, then I'm betting on everything."

Cayde-6: [chuckles] "Everything." Ah, lucky guess.

Cayde-6: The inside is a composite of the outside. You're gonna see some things you recognize, and some things you don't.

Cayde-6: Treat it as real… unless it ain't. But I can guarantee the Shadow Legion up ahead are as real as they come.

The Guardian arrives at the Landing, inhabited by the forces of the Shadow Legion. Defeating the Shadow Legion and Bound Attendants, the Guardian then slays a Tormentor before continuing their journey, following the bird once again.

Ghost: The bird from our vision.

Ghost: That can't be a coincidence. Let's follow it.

Following the bird, the Guardian arrives at a cave, guarded by Shadow Legion and blocked by a barrier.

Glint: [static]

Glint: Cayde, is that you?

Cayde-6: Glint, where's the damn kid? I've been trying to raise you both on comms for hours.

Glint: Gone.

Cayde-6: The hell do you mean, "gone"?

Glint: The anomaly we were investigating, it's… a construct of Darkness, I think, er… a cave mouth.

Glint: It felt… wrong. Like it doesn't belong here. I begged him not to go inside, but you know how he is.

Glint: I tried to follow. I did. I did… That barrier, this place, the cave, it's-it's impossible for me to push past it all.

Ghost: Stay where you are, we'll find a way through.

The Guardian fights their way through Shadow Legion and Dread forces, discovering one of the conduits creating the barrier.

Glint: These locks control that barrier between us and Crow.

Ghost: Cayde, any ideas?

Cayde-6: Oh… I was never good at puzzles. Was always more Ikora's thing.

Insight Psion’s appear to confront the Guardian

Glint: I think those Taken Psion's might share a connection with that dial…

Defeating Insight Psion's to gain Psionic Insight, the Guardian deactivates a conduit by directing the hand in the middle to the correct position.

Glint: That's it! Do you see any other dials in the area?

Ghost: Affirmative. The Guardians will handle it.

After deactivating the first conduit, the Guardian encounters Dread units lead by a Bound Omen.

Glint: Please hurry, Guardian. Crow has no one to raise him if he falls.

Cayde-6: Glint. This ain't your fault.

Glint: He's my Guardian. My responsibility.

Cayde-6: And you're his. I know you want eyes on him, but you need to stay out of sight until help gets there.

Continuing to use Psionic Insight from slain Insight Psion's, the Guardian deactivates the other two conduits by moving the hand to the right position twice.

Glint: Cayde, what do you make of that bird that led us to Glint?

Cayde-6: We'll it seems pretty obvious to me. I think it's pretty obvious to you too.

Cayde-6: The real mystery is why nobody wants to say it out load.

Glint: I will.

Glint: The Traveler. It's helping us.

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Arriving back at the cave, the Guardian is confronted by forces of the Witness led by the Pillar of Denial, which brings fourth Taken Blights upon its arrival.

Cayde-6: Mess it up, Guardian.

The Guardian successfully defeats the Pillar of Denial, brining down the barrier and allowing them access into the cave.

Glint: You're through! I'm coming with you!

Cayde-6: No. Glint, you hold.

Cayde-6: The Guardian will give us the all-clear.

With the way open, the Guardian enters into the cave known as the Refraction. Shortly after entering they discover that the entrance is blocked by a barrier. They then shoot a seed, bringing fourth agents of the Witness.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Upon defeating a Bound Colussus, the Enlightened Omen appears to challenge the Guardian. Defeating the Subjugator, the Guardian continues to traverse further into the cave in search for Crow. Following the bird, the Guardian walks through a strange gateway made of glass.

Ghost: This must be it.

Ghost: Glint's right. This feels… cancerous. Like a blight.

Ghost: But it's… different somehow. I-argh! What is this?

The Guardian is severely harmed as the Witness possesses their Ghost.

The Witness: [whispers]

Possessed Ghost: An incision.

Possessed Ghost: Guardian. You were thrust into an unending life… of servitude.

Ghost: It's in my mind… Trying to tear me apart-

Possessed Ghost: Let us free you from this architect of your enslavement.

Ghost: NO!

Despite its strength, Ghost breaks free from the Witness's control, his shell getting partially cracked in the process.

Ghost: [gasps] I… I did it. I fought it off. Shut it out.

Free of the Witness's grasp, the Guardian regains their strength and continues further into the cave.

The Witness: No matter. Our voice will suffice.

The Guardian arrives into a cavern with statues of Mara and Crow holding hands together. With the statue of Mara having a bird on her shoulder.

Ghost: That diorama…

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: It is but a facsimile. A testament to loyalty. An expression of longing.

The Witness: Crow. We see his heart held in talons. We hear it beat with his twin sister's still.

The Witness: Within the final shape, we offered a vision of her pride. Of yours. Friends, looking to him with trust. But, like you… he chose pain.

Ghost: You used the Darkness to exploit Crow's memories?

The Witness: And the Light… to give them form. Don't you see how beautiful it all could be?

Continuing through the cave's tunnels, the Guardian arrives at a tavern with Uldren sitting on the Reef's throne.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: We offered to erase Prince Uldren's stain from the Dreaming City…

The Witness: To grant Crow dominion of the Reef, the Awoken, and all the stars beyond. But he chose pain.

Travelling through another tunnel, the Guardian arrives at a cavern with a shield with the Iron Banner symbol, an Iron Lord's axe in a rock in front of it, and calcified wolf statues.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: Crow believes he is resisting temptation, as do you. That material, is immaterial.

The Witness: Only purpose can cure his heart, and he believes that his capacity for pain is that purpose.

The Witness: It is why he subjects himself so completely to your Traveler. This belief was taught. Conditioned into you.

The Witness: It can be unlearned.

Abandoning that cavern, the Guardian goes up a flight of stairs to find Crow staring at a Veiled Statue.

Ghost: There, up ahead!

Ghost: Crow?

Ghost: Crow-

The Crow: Quiet. Listen.

Veiled Statue: [whispers unintelligibly]

The Crow: I've seen these veiled statues before. You have, too.

The Crow: It's whispering something, but I can't quiet make it out…

Glint appears.

Glint: Stop listening to it!

Crow turns around to look at Glint.

The Crow: I told you to wait outside. This place is…

The Crow: I don't know what kind of effect it's going to have on you.

Ghost: He's right, Glint.

Glint: I don't care. He doesn't get to make those decisions for me.

Glint: We're supposed to be a team. Guardian and Ghost. That's how the Traveler made us.

The Crow: I'm sorry.

Crow reaches out his hand, Glint flies toward it.

Glint: Don't ever leave me behind again. Promise.

The Crow: I promise.

Glint disappears out of Crow's hand.

Ghost: Let's set up camp outside. Cayde's not far.

The Crow: Of coarse he isn't.

The Crow: Tell me you got the drop on him at least?

Ghost: You and the Guardian both need better boots.

The Crow: Well, maybe I'll get lucky this time.

Crow transmats away

{End Mission:Temptation}


Cabal - Shadow Legion
The Dread