Queens, Part I

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Queens, Part I
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Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Following the Vanguard's escape from the Witness, a new threat arrives in the Pale Heart.

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Queens, Part I is the first Adventure of the Destined Heroes Quest introduced in the Final Shape expansion. Unlocked after beating Iconoclasm, the Guardian is tasked by Mara Sov to deal with the Lucent Hive, who have made their way into the Pale Heart and are setting up for an attack on the Lost City's Tower.


  • Survey your Surroundings
  • Disrupt Hive Rituals
  • Reflect Hive Projectiles With Hive Sword Guard
    • Runes overloaded
      • X of 10
      • X of 3
  • Reach the Next Ritual Site
  • Reach the Final Ritual Site
  • Defeat Savathûn
    • Runes overloaded
      • X of 3


(Start Adventure)

Queen Mara Sov: Guardian, be alert. I sense Lucent Hive swarming to your location.

Queen Mara Sov: Too many to just be from Luzaku's brood.

Ghost: Are they… coming to help?

Queen Mara Sov: That is unlikely.

Ghost: Then let's see if we can find out what they're up to.

Traveling down from the tower, the Guardian travels further into the Lost City. Upon arriving at the Old Vanguard command center, they look outside to see Hive War Totems.

Ghost: I think Mara's right. The Lucent Hive are setting up to attack the tower. We need to get down there.

The Guardian travels down from the command center to confront the Lucent Brood.

The Crow: Heads up!

The Crow: I've spotted some Lucent Hive crossing the mountain! It looks like they're on the move, same direction we are.

Ghost: Mara spotted them too, headed to the Tower. You and Cayde be careful out there!

The Crow: See if you can intercept them, Guardian. The last thing we need is Hive Lightbearers catching us in a pincer.

As the entrance outside is blocked by a barrier maintained by a Void Hive Rune, the Guardian slays a Hive Knight to receive its Cleaver. They then use the sword to reflect the Void projectiles shot towards them by a Acolyte wielding a Shredder to lower the barrier. Arriving outside, the Guardian activates the three Solar runes by reflecting projectiles from a Knight wielding a Splinter, three Void runes by reflecting Shrieker projectiles, and finally three Arc runes by reflecting Wizard's Darkness Blasts.

The Crow: It figures. Savathûn waited until we were down to kick us.

Savathûn: Isn't that the prevailing style, my sweet, flappable friend? [chuckles] At least, it's my style. [laughs mockingly]

The Crow: What the hell do you think you're doing? The entire universe is a stake; why are your people attacking US?

Savathûn: Why indeed? Maybe you should ponder that little riddle a bit more-let it role around in your pretty little skulls.

Savathûn: There's more than existence at stake within the Traveler. I'm sure you've got many guesses as to what my motives could be.

Traveling to the Lost City, Outskirts, the Guardian discovers a Solar, Void, and Arc rune protected by Hive barriers. Killing a Knight to receive a sword, they fire projectiles using the sword to destroy the orbs maintaining the barriers. The Guardian once activates the Arc rune by reflecting projectiles from a Wizard, the Void rune from a Shrieker, and then the Solar rune from a Lightbearer Acolyte and Knights. Once all the runes are activated, the Lightbearer Acolyte's shield is lowered, allowing the Guardian to slay it, destroying it's Ghost in the process.

Savathûn: Look at you, Guardian-brimming with Light and Dark like an overflowing teacup. Not so long ago, some would have called that… heretical.

The Crow: That's enough! We're trying to heal the Traveler! If we lose, so do you!

Savathûn: If my little army is enough to stop you from winning your fight, do you really think you have a chance against something like the Black Fleet?

The Crow: You think you're helping us?

Savathûn: Oh, I've always been helping us! But I'll admit, this little contingency is a tad more… selfish than I've let on. Don't worry… we're almost done here.

The Crow: We don't have time for your games.

Savathûn: Oh, that's all this is, Crow. A game of moving pieces and pretty shapes. But I'm looking beyond this one. Setting the pieces for the next… with great anticipation.

Eventually, the Guardian arrives to the final ritual site outside of the Lost City, where three Hive statues bearing Light charges reside, alongside three Hive runes bearing one of each Light element.

Savathûn: Welcome to the end, Guardian. Show me how you're going to stop it.

Savathûn appears and engages with the Guardian, possessing an Immunity Shield that makes her immune to any damage. To lower her shield, the Guardian picks up the charges from the statues and uses them to charge the runes, destroying her shield in the process. As the Guardian damages the Witch Queen, she eventually restores her shield and retreats to another ritual site where a Hive portal is located, summoning fourth her forces. Upon arriving at the ritual site, the Guardian kills a Knight to receive it's cleaver, using it to destroy the barriers around the Hive statues. Using the Light charges from the statue, they empower the six Hive runes on top of the portal to lower Savathûn's shield. As the Guardian continues to wound Savathûn, she restores her shield once again and retreats from the battle.

Savathûn: Not bad, but not good enough. Not yet, anyway. I'll be watching.

The Crow: Lucent Hive are falling back from the tower, regrouping.

The Crow: Savathûn's brood are going to dig into the Traveler like ticks. We can't fight two wars at once, not in our state.

Queen Mara Sov: Leave the Witch Queen to me. I have a suspicion about what game she's at, and we can't let it distract us.

The Crow: But- [sighs] You're sure you've got this?

Queen Mara Sov: The Guardian and I can dispense with Savathûn's brood.

Queen Mara Sov: Right now, the Vanguard needs you.

The Crow: If anything changes, you know I'm here.

Queen Mara Sov: I know.

{End Adventure:Queens Part I}


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