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Destined Heroes
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Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Quest giver:



Ergo Sum


Destined Heroes is a quest introduced in The Final Shape expansion, and is given to player by The Ghost after completing Iconoclasm. This quest can only be done once per account, and completing the quest will reward players with the Ergo Sum Exotic Sword, along with unlocking the multiple other quests such as Lost in Light and Found in the Dark that must be completed to access the last mission of the quest, Hope.


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Step 1[edit]

There's a strange radio transmission coming from the old Tower in the Lost City… and it's using a Hive frequency.

Step 2[edit]

Investigate the activity of Savathûn's Lucent Hive near the portal.

Step 3[edit]

Speak to Micah-10 through her conduit in the Arbor of Light.

Step 4[edit]

Talk to Cayde-6 in the Lost City.

Step 5[edit]

Ghost has something he wants to talk to you about. Go to the ledge of the old Tower in the Lost City to speak with him.

Step 6[edit]

Talk to Ghost to begin the quests "Lost in the Light" and "Found in the Dark." Work with your allies to explore the possibility of synergy between Light and Darkness.

Step 7[edit]

Investigate spikes in Taken energy in the Refraction.

Step 8[edit]

Go to the Lost City and confer with Ghost.

Step 9[edit]

Use the Dyadic Prism to access the new landing zone in the Sacrarium and claim your destiny.

List of Adventures & Missions[edit]

Included in the Destined Heroes quest are two smaller quests players must complete in order to unlock the rest of their Prismatic Abilities and progress through the main quest itself. These quests being Lost in Light and Found in the Dark. After beating Queens, Part I, players can complete the quests in any given order, but all of them must be completed in order to unlock the last mission for the quest, Hope.

Queens (Destined Heroes Main Quest)
Lost in Light (Light-Aligned Prismatic Abilities Quest)
Found in the Dark (Darkness-Aligned Prismatic Abilities Quest)
Final Mission for Destined Heroes