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What secrets lie inside the Pyramid? It sits in silence, waiting for you.


In the Deep


Darkness's Doorstep



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The Lunar Pyramid, Moon


Explore the Pyramid to find anything that may help Humanity against the coming storm

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Beyond is the tenth story mission of the Shadowkeep campaign. The mission sees the Guardian travel into the Pyramid ship in search for answers.



The player spawns in Sorrow's Harbor, facing the entrance to the Enduring Abyss

  • Eris Morn: "Our fate lies ahead of us. That Pyramid destroyed so many lives so long ago. Getting inside is paramount. We must find something - anything - to help us prepare for their violent return. Remember to keep your wits about you. We do not know what tricks they may play within."

The player presses deeper into the Enduring Abyss, eliminating any Hidden Swarm trooper standing in these dark catacombs. After making it into the opening revealing Earth, the Ghost will begin to report being invaded by a mysterious force again.

  • Ghost: "It's happening again. Like it's reaching inside of me."

The player meets face to face with the dormant Pyramid once again.

  • Ghost: "The Pyramid is waiting."

After pressing through their final Hive opposition of the mission, they finally circumvent the Nightmare barrier keeping them away from the Pyramid. They continue down the cliffside towards the Pyramid.

  • Ghost: "It beckons us to come closer."

Scaling further down the cliffside, the player finds themselves at a dead-end with only one platform left. Descending down, however, the player is then seized by the Pyramid and is drawn into one of it's open hatches.

  • Ghost, seemingly corrupted by the Darkness: "Violence. Beauty. Truth. These things await inside. There's no turning back now."

The player is pulled into the Pyramid, into a new location known as Admittance.

  • Ghost: "Welcome. We've been waiting."

The player then explores the Pyramid.

  • Ghost: "You're so close now. Just a little further."

The player sees a Phantom and follows it, only to come face to face with the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul.

The Nightmare does the same thing the real Ghaul would, except uses the immunity ability all Nightmares possess. Before the player is able to defeat him, the Nightmare heads to the pedestal where it's template would have gotten his power and the Guardian is teleported back to the Pyramid.

  • Ghost: "The Red War saw so many lives lost. Saw the Light taken away so easily. In Light, there is only weakness."

The Guardian continues to explore the Pyramid, eventually finding the Nightmare of the Fanatic.

The player fights the Nightmare, but again is teleported back to the Pyramid before they can defeat him.

  • Ghost: "The Light abandoned Cayde. Left him for dead. Kept him from being saved. In Light, there is only failure."

The player then explores the Pyramid more still and encounters the final Nightmare, the Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx.

The player defeats and takes the blades of Swordbearer Nightmares, and defeats the Nightmare of Crota.

  • Ghost: "One by one, Crota slaughtered many Guardians. The Light stood by, and did nothing. And a Great Disaster ensued. In Light, there is only death. Come to us. Do not be afraid."

The Guardian climbs a flight of stairs, leading to the apex of the Pyramid. There, they find a sculpture, cast under a veil. In front lies an Unknown Artifact.

  • Ghost: "Respite lies ahead."

The Guardian inspects the Unknown Artifact, but are then teleported into a vision.


The player looks around, and realizes they are in the Black Garden. Behind them, a fleet of Pyramids loom.

  • ?: "You made it."

The player turns behind them and sees...themself. They realize that the Darkness has assumed the form of them.

  • Darkness: "We have heard your cries for help. And soon, we will answer."
  • The Guardian: "Who are you?"
  • Darkness: "Don't you recognize us? We are not your friend. We are not your enemy. We are your...salvation."

The player is then teleported into the Sanctuary to talk with Eris Morn.


Hive - Hidden Swarm and Nightmares
Cabal - Nightmares
Scorn - Nightmares


  • The Acolytes that appear in the arena where the Nightmare of Crota is fought use the Savathûn's Brood design.

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