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Loot released from a container.

Loot is the collective term for various items, abilities, and currency that can be found or awarded to Guardians for completing quests. Before being collected, loot appears in the world as glowing polyhedra.[1] Defeating bosses will reward Guardians with rare loot, such as Exotic weapons and armor.[2] Loot can also be found in chests hidden around the world; many include Glimmer, but some also include a piece of gear. [3] Items and weapons may be traded between player characters under a single account by use of a vault, armor can only be used by the class it is designed for, at this time nothing can be traded between different players within the Tower.

Enemy drops

  • Primary Ammo (white box)
  • Special Ammo (green box)
  • Heavy Ammo (purple box)
  • Glimmer (Dropped by Majors and Ultras by default. Normal enemies require a Glimmer-multiplying consumable to drop Glimmer.)
  • Orbs of Light (per enemy killed with a Super, available only to other players)

Inventory items


See weapons. Guardians can carry primary weapons, special weapons, and heavy weapons.


See armor.



Engrams can be collected from bosses, random enemies, or chests. Engrams will appear in a player's weapon or armor inventory.


Consumables are one-time-use items that grant various bonuses. Guardians can carry 15 consumable items.

Ammo Synthesis: Replenish ammo for one weapon. Has a 5 minute cooldown after use.

Weapon Telemetry: Speed up the upgrade progression of a weapon for 30 minutes. Can be purchased from Xur or the Gunsmith, Banshee-44.

Glimmer Multiplier: Draw more Glimmer out of enemies when killed for 10 minutes.

Experience Multiplier: Get more experience out of enemies killed.

Artifacts: Dropped by Majors or Ultras, sell these to the Cryptarch for two hundred Glimmer each.

Cosmetic: Cosmetic consumables with varying effects.

Legendary Keys: There are nine Legendary Keys that can be found by killing any Hive Majors or Ultras aboard the Dreadnaught; or after killing fifty enemies with a Wormfeeder Rune. They are used to open the nine Legendary Chests scattered around the Dreadnaught.[note 1]


Materials are used in upgrading equipment. Materials can be found out in the wild, as rewards for Public Events, or from disassembling items. Guardians can carry two hundred materials.

Salvage Materials: These are acquired by disassembling Uncommon or better armor and weapons. Used to upgrade Rare or better armor and weapons.

Planetary Materials: Acquired by finding resource nodes or opening loot chests on planets, or purchasing from the Vanguard Quartermaster Roni 55-30. Completing the Daily Heroic Story Mission or a Bounty for Patrol missions also yields ten materials from that planet. Used to upgrade Legendary or better armor and weapons.

Legendary Materials: Acquired by completing high-level activities such as the Daily Heroic Story Mission, Nightfall Strike, or in chests in Raids, or disassembling Legendary armor and weapons. Also a potential reward for Public Events. Used for the final set of upgrades on Legendary armor and weapons.

Exotic Materials: Acquired by purchasing from Xûr or disassembling Exotic armor and weapons. Used for the final upgrade on Exotic armor and weapons, as well as for Ascending or Infusing them.

Summoning Runes: Acquired from killing Taken lieutenants. Used to summon the Court of Oryx at the Hall of Souls on the Dreadnaught.

Skyburners Materials: Acquired from killing Cabal Majors on the Dreadnaught. Used to do specific activities and retrieve special rewards.

Mission rewards

Mission rewards are items collected from completing missions. These can be turned in to the Vanguard for rewards. Ten mission rewards can be carried at once.


Current Bounties are stored as items in a player's inventory, which then have to be returned upon completion. A player can carry five Bounties of any type at any one time. These can be abandoned at any time to free up slots and, if they are still available from the Bounty Vendor, picked up again with all progress reset to zero.


  1. ^ You can only hold one of each at a time in your character's personal inventory.
  2. ^ This is specifically the Dead Ghost found at the end of The Dark Beyond. It counts as both a mission reward and as a collectible Dead Ghost


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