Isenfyre Token

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"Pay your respects in the Iron Temple."
— Material description

An Isenfyre Token is a consumable obtained as a random drop from Aksis, Archon Prime in the Wrath of the Machine Raid. When activated at the central courtyard fire in the Iron Temple, the Token will cause the flames to shoot higher, gain a purple tint, and any Guardian who stands on top of the fire will be propelled onto the top of a building immediately opposite the doors connecting Vostok Observatory to Felwinter Peak to be propelled across the area to the top of the tower on the far side of the bridge, allowing the player to access almost all of the mountain and open the door from the other side to let any player who wants to go venture into Vostok Observatory. On top of the tower, there is also a SIVA cluster that players can collects for their record books.

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