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Uldren Sov
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The Reef

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Prince of the Reef
Master of Crows

"She means you owe us...Guardian..."
—Uldren Sov

Uldren Sov[1] is an Awoken. He also goes by the titles, "The Prince of the Reef", and "The Master of Crows." He is the Queen's advisor, spymaster, and enforcer, using his Crows (both the agents and the monitoring devices) to spy on the activities of the other races in the system. While loyal to his sister, he disagrees with her frequently on matters of defense and foreign policy, and he is very disdainful of the Guardians.[2][3]


Prince Uldren played a pivotal role in the Reef Wars; he successfully cracked the Wolves' encryption, which led to Drevis, Wolf Baroness' capture. He and his Crows were also instrumental in breaking the Siege of Pallas through the use of illusions, and of learning of the Cybele Uprising through Variks' tipoff.[citation needed]

When the Guardian came to ask for directions to the Black Garden, Uldren was dismissive of their pleas. When his sister asked to speak with him, what she proposed was pleasing to him. With condescension, he directed the Guardian to kill a Gate Lord and retrieve its eye, saying "It's your only hope of getting into the Black Garden." When the Guardian returned, successful, he grudgingly helped them and gave them the coordinates to the Garden's approximate location: Mars.[citation needed]

He participated in the Battle of Saturn and is the only known survivor, as his ship crashed on Mars. However, his survival was unknown at the time, as control of the Crows passed to Variks. Uldren suspected that his sister survived the battle, as he could still sense her.[citation needed] He then spent the rest of the Taken War and throughout the SIVA Crisis to search for her, evading everyone including his own followers. His last known report indicated he disguised himself as a Fallen and allowed himself to be captured in order to find the Kell of Kings and replace it in preparing for a coming war. He also indicated that Mara approved of what he was up to.[4]


  • Originally, Uldren was named Crow[5] and spoke with a flanged voice in the Closed Doors Demo at E3 2013. In the original version of Destiny, players would "help the Crow loot the Academy archive." Players would meet him in an early mission, where they would have a standoff, and work with him to find Osiris. According to a source within Bungie, his personality in this version was akin to how Cayde-6 was portrayed in The Taken King. He was later retooled to be "Prince Uldren," and the Crows would be his spies.[6]


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