Proving Ground

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The Glassway

Proving Ground


Season of the Chosen



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Defeat Caiatl's Chosen aboard the Land Tank, Halphas Electus, on Nessus.

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Proving Ground is a Strike that was released during Season of the Chosen.


  • Clear a Path to the Land Tank
  • Find and Defeat Caiatl's Champion
  • Clear Out the Vehicle Bay
  • Find and Defeat Caiatl's Champion
  • Redirect the Tank's Power Flow
  • Find and Defeat Caiatl's Champion
  • Challenge Caiatl's Champion
  • Defeat Caiatl's Champion

Proving Ground Transcript[edit]

(Mission Begins)

  • Caiatl: Commander Zavala, we agree to the Rite of Proving. The Cabal sends forth its champion.
  • Zavala: The challenge is met. Our blood flows together. May it tend to unity.

Or alternatively

  • Zavala: Empress Caiatl — we invoke the Rite of Proving. The Vanguard sends forth its champions.
  • Caiatl: The challenge is met. Our blood flows together. May it tend to unity.

Enter the Halphas Electus

  • Caiatl: This is the Halphas Electus, the digger of graves, her mouth packed with red soil. I do not grant you safe passage.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: You willingly enter the Halphas Electus. I welcome you, but my forces… they do not.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: You willingly enter my imperial Lank Tank, the Halphas Electus. You honor me. May you meet a glorious death.

Approaching the Infantry Concourse

  • Caiatl: This tank is like a living thing. She breathes, she moves… and she will spit out your bones.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: My war machine purrs. She hungers for battle. Have you the same appetite?

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: My tank is restless. Do what you came for — fight well or die quickly.

Traverse deeper into the Tank

  • Caiatl: You crawl through an imperial tank, fighting against an army… for what?
  • Zavala: To stop another despot before they pass beyond the reach of reason.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: You fight well, Guardians. A shame you must pay the price for your commander’s pride.
  • Zavala: The Guardians kneel to no one… not even me.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: All feel fear, Commander. Some learn from it, while others are ruled by it. Which are you?
  • Zavala: I refused to bend the knee. What does that tell you?

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: We lost our world to the Hive. Why will you not stand with us?
  • Zavala: We sign no treaties at the end of a gun.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: Guardians. Join my Cabal and let our alliance armor the stars.
  • Zavala: We could work together, Caiatl. But as equals, not your vassals.

Clear out the Vehicle Bay

  • Zavala: How many more Cabal stand between my champion and you?
  • Caiatl: All swore their lives to their empress. They can use them as they wish.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: My warriors pledge themselves to the Rite of Proving. Cut them down if you can.
  • Zavala: If it must be done.

Or alternatively

  • Caiatl: Going through the vehicle bay? My pilots enjoy a challenge.
  • Zavala: Then they shall have one.




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