Blood Guard Incendior

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Blood Guard Incendior
Bloodguard Incendior.png




Red Legion


Pyrotechnic Combat


The Inverted Spire




800 lbs.

Combat information


Cabal Magma Launcher


Solar Shield
Magma Burn Effect
Magma Malfunction
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Compression Blast
Strafe Thrusters
Limited Flight
Cabal Melee


Blood Guard Incendiors are a Major variant of the Incendior. One can be seen stationed with a small crew in The Inverted Spire Strike.


Blood Guard Incendiors are tougher to take on than regular Incendiors. Their superior armor and Solar absorption shielding grants them more durability, therefore giving them more chances to incinerate Guardians. Their Cabal Magma Launchers are versatile weapons in combat. At a distance, they fire jets of flames that leave a pool of fire upon contact with any surface. These jets inflict a damage-over-time effect that effectively strip the player's health in a matter of seconds. When faced up close, they are capable of launching a compression blast that pushes Guardians away from them and forcefully sends them flying into deadly obstacles in their path. Their fuel tanks can be shot, causing a massive explosion that can take out any other nearby Cabal units, but beware when fighting in close range because this explosion is also capable of dealing serious damage to nearby Guardians, and can instantly kill them within the proper proximity. Therefore, long-range energy weapons should be the best way to take apart their shielding and armor.


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