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10:26, Monday, 6 February 2023 (EST)

Dominus Gar'hool




Cabal (Either or)
Lightbearer (Forcefully)
Ahamkara (Either or)





Eye color:

Blood Red

Secondary Information


Red Legion
The Cabal Empire (Proclaimed Dominus)
Cabal Collective (Dominus)
SoulScorchers (Primus)
The Greater Cabal Empire (Dominus)



Notable info:

- Primus of the Cabal Empire Secret Service, The SoulScorchers, a fracture of the Red Legion.
- Leader of the Cabal Collective and proclaimed Dominus of the Cabal Empire
- Succeeding Cabal to extract Light from the Traveler by its Shard
- Second known Cabal to possess the Light


"We've lived our lives, you and I. Working to reshape our Society. Reforge our people. Rebuild an Empire nearly destroyed by Calu's greed and corruption. There is nothing in this universe greater than you!"

"We. Are. Cabal. This is about legacy, about those who remember - those who stand! There are those we may diasagree with - loathe - hate! To them I say, we say - ho! And to a sword unsheathed we shall charge into battle, eternal conflict, and become eternal ourselves! For our Golden World and ever more glorious Empire, we shall never back down!"
Dominus Gar'hool

Welcome to my userpage. I am Dominus Gar'hool, the self proclaimed (although highly supported in this claim) Cabal lore Master of Destinypedia. My lore knowledge, however, extends far from this and I am a major contributor to the races wikis and their respective factions and members. My contributions include nearly half of what is currently the Red Legion's and Cabal's History and Member count along with sprucening and polishing of their deepest inner workings, observed in even the Fallen, Hive, Scorn, and Vex.

I am most found editing the more secluded and forefront of the lore of Destinypedia's pages and forums. My edits are often short yet direct. However, as stated before, I am not one to shy away from major edits and have contributed to several page creations, revamps, and overhauls. If I catch you messing up the Cabal (and the Red Legion's pages at that) expect me to appear and quickly correct you. For those with lore related questions (Cabal or not) feel free to message me here, on the Destiny Roleplay Amino, or on the Destinypedia Discord.

I go by Harbinger on the Destiny Roleplay Amino which I manage and lead. A community of Destiny Roleplayers and a community full of a wealth of fan-fiction, characters, events, and creations.

If you wish to join, click the link below.

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Dominus Ghaul as he returned in shadowkeep in his nightmare form The following user's favorite character is Empress Caiatl followed by Dominus Ghaul The Spider, Drifter, and Savathûn, the Witch-Queen
DGhaul3.jpg The following User writes multiple fanfic content found on Destiny Roleplay Amino - some of which has been carried here.
NokrisSoA.png The following User sees Nokris as one of the most badass Hive to exist.
Eramis.jpg The following User's favorite Fallen character is Eramis who they believe is well crafted and loves their dialogue.
D2SoW Almighty Adrift.jpg The following User has a probably unhealthy obsession over the Almighty and Cabal Fleet/Cabal in General.
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