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Biographical information

Other name(s):

The All-Witch
The First-Spawn
She with names
Bringer of Curses
Baned Heralder
Osmium Progenitor
The Scorned
Terror of lBurntBagel
Zharves's Ancestral Mentor
Lullaby of Mal
Hater of Oryx
Nightmare of GreatGamer
Bewitcher of Kyrox-11
Rick-Roller of the Witch Queen
The Decepter-Supreme
Xivu's Superior
Mother of Ultra Knight
The All-Title Bearer
She with many names
Brood Queen of Brood Queens
Obsession of Roman
Red Legion's Splinter
House Dusk's thorn
Slayer of the Pantheon
She With Increasing Names
Savior of Lolis and Traps
Yui's Babysitter
doug's brother
doug's mother-in-law
Akka's Spawn
The Wizard That Came From the Moon
Thee Wizard
The Beginning
The End
The Middle
Co-founder of Crossing Fields
Mrs World Wide
Dominus Wizard
Bringer of Bringing
Wizard Prime
Leader of the YMCA
Mother of Trauma
The Empress Lord of Darkness
Meme bane of Destinypedia
Rival of Randal and BIG BOI SERVITOR
Anomaly (Shin'ra, the Sorrow-Maker)
Freaky ass Freak (Joskaa, Lion Kell)
The True Hive God (Mephisto)




Spawn of Crota (formerly)
Blood of Oryx (formerly)
Hidden Swarm (formerly)
Spawn of Wizard
Shadow Swarm (Major ally)








Immeasurable +

Combat information


Hunt of the All-Witch


Ontological Beam


Darkness Blasts
Favor of Kirito
Dying Star
Immunity Shield
Necromantic Gaze
Darkness Cloud
Unleash Curse
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Immunity Shield
Summon Hive
Knock back
Omnigals Scream


"I am that which comes in the end. Not its heralder nor its pawn, but itself incarnate"
— Wizard

Wizard is an immortal and vastly ancient Wizard of the Osmium court and Hive. She is renowned for being the most powerful Hive to exist - far more powerful than even the pantheon of Hive gods combined. She became the terror of the legendary Crucible player, the Hunter lBurntBagel and from that day encroached on the minds of many other famous Guardians such as GreatGamer and even the Hive expert Kyrox-11 who Wizard took a personal affinity to bewitching. During the events of Paradox, she teamed up with Kirito and Asuna to wreak havoc on the Solar System, traumatize each and every one of Humanity, and resurrect her son.


Born of the flesh from Akka, Wizard grew to hate Oryx for slaying their proginator. She tricked legions of Hive into killing themselves for her by promising them Bright Dust for Shadowkeep themed ornaments - earning the attention of Savathûn, the Witch Queen. She told the witch to search up "" and Savathûn having been tricked herself and rick rolled perished immediately. These acts of War in turn summoned Xivu Arath, God of War who offered to bind Wizard to her hoard. Wizard replied by using Savathûn's stolen magics and said "No U" thus forcing Xivu to become the pawn of Wizard.

Wizard would encroach the minds of many guardians, acting as Savathûn, the Witch Queen to belittle and fool the guardians as she and Xivu prepped for their moment to strike. Leaking the former Witch Queens Facebook Minion memes, her broods defected to her side and joined forces with her - even the Pyramids. As to this present day she has unleashed Xivu as revenge for the Guardians killing Ultra Knight her son in cold blood. She was the former mate of Consort.

Wizard grew her Court in the following years growing to become the God-Wizard of the Hive with her spawn growing to a massive horde with the defecting additions of countless other existent broods.


The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]

"Praise be to Kirito and Asuna, for they have helped me resurrect my son and bring terror upon humanity."
— Wizard

During the events of Paradox, and the arrivals of Kirito and Asuna, the Shadowkeepers, Shadow Army, and Supplicants began sowing chaos amongst the many factions of the Sol System, gaining the attention of Wizard and her army. Delighted upon hearing about their assault on Auradon, she and her brood pledged loyalty to them and the Shadow Swarm, led by her prodigy Zharves. Since then, Wizard led the Hive across various dimensions and helped enthrall unsuspecting Guardians into Wrathborn while her son Ultra Knight would set up countless booths that sold Kirito and Asuna body pillows.

Note from the Author[edit]

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