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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Freeborn Otzot
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"Is this not Calus's new Empire, an empire of achievement? Can't the Psions grow fat in thought, as you grow fat with power?"
— Freeborn Otzot appealing to Emperor Calus

Freeborn Otzot is the highest-ranking Psion Flayer, and the lead scientist for the Cabal Empire. She is a prominent, albeit traitorous leader to her own people, and is responsible for their continued enslavement.


Centuries before Ghaul's coup, the Psions created the OXA Machine, a machine able to perceive the future, but it was destroyed when the Cabal enslaved the Psions. Centuries later, Freeborn Otzot, a particularly brilliant Psion, rebuilt it on Brand. Emperor Calus was impressed enough by her ambition and genius to order the machine preserved and Otzot fêted. Appealing to Calus' egalitarian values, she was rewarded by elevation to his court as Imperial Dreamer and given anything she asked.

When Calus made public his intentions to free all Psions within the Cabal Empire, Otzot rebelled because it would dilute the prestige of her status as a freeborn. Otzot participated in the coup to oust Calus by using the OXA Machine to communicate with the conspirators, ensuring that the Psions remained subservient to the Cabal.

Her whereabouts are unknown.


Freeborn Otzot is a genius among her race, being capable of reconstructing the OXA Machine, which had the ability to prophesize using clairvoyant abilities. Calus describes her as "[glowing] with the power of her thoughts." However, she demonstrates a tragic level of self-interest, going as far as to prolong the enslavement of her own race to maintain her special status as one of the few free Psions.


  • Freeborn Otzot is by definition an Uncle Tom, an individual who is inherently aware of their own lower-class status based on race.

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