Akka, the Worm of Secrets

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"Akka my God, Worm of Secrets. I am Auryx, sole king of the Hive. I have come to receive a secret. I want the secret power of the Deep, which you hold"
Oryx, the Taken King

Akka, the Worm of Secrets is one of the five Worm Gods, ancient beings second only to the Darkness itself in the hierarchy of the Hive pantheon.


Akka was the patron of Auryx, the King of the Hive, until Auryx slew him to obtain the Tablets of Ruin, gaining the power to Take and becoming Oryx, the Taken King. He then took a part of Akka's body and incorporated it into his Dreadnaught.[1]


Verse 3.8 of the Books of Sorrow seems to imply that some of Akka's paracausal powers are ontological in nature: when he is confronted by Oryx, Akka is said to have been "denying a truth until it became a lie," and was afraid to deny the truth of Oryx's words lest "the truth might become false."[2]


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