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Defend the Glass Throne
Defend Mercury and its secrets

Axis Minds:

Agioktis, Martyr Mind
Imminent Mind
Hagios, Reverent Mind
Methodios, Module Proxy

At war with:

House of Winter
House of Wolves
Red Legion

Allied with:

Aphix Invasive
Hezen Corrective
Hezen Protective
Virgo Prohibition
Sol Collective
Sol Progeny


Vault of Glass
Echo Chamber
Black Garden


The Descendants (also known as the Sol Imminent), are a Vex collective spanning from the far future of the Vex Network, having first been encountered within the Vault of Glass. They can be identified by their black and brown-colored frames and ring-shaped heads.[1]



The exact origins of the Sol Imminent is unknown. However it is often believed that they come from the future. They would eventually come to inhabit the Simulant Future in the Infinite Forest on Mercury, the Glass Throne in the Vault of Glass and the Echo Chamber on Venus.

Fall of the Great Titan

After the Battle of the Twilight Gap and the death of Solkis, Kell of Devils, Saint-14 entered the Infinite Forest to search for Osiris, coming into conflict with the Descendants. Saint-14 would destroy thousands of them. However the division would create Agioktis, Martyr Mind to drain Saint-14’s Light, they would succeed and bring an end to the great Titan.

Fall of the Vault of Glass

Members of the division would later be encountered by a six Guardian fireteam led by the Guardian in the Glass Throne. They would fail to stop the fireteam and Atheon, Time's Conflux would be destroyed.

The Taken War

When the Guardians entered the Black Garden to destroy The Groundskeeper, the Descendants would enter the Garden alongside the Virgo Prohibition in an attempt to defend it. Despite their efforts, they would fail and the Groundskeeper would be destroyed.

Curse of Osiris

When the Guardian made their way to The Lighthouse, the Descendants would assault the Guardian in an attempt to stop them. However the Guardian would prevail once more, defeating the Descendant forces and making their way to Brother Vance of the Cult of Osiris

Changing Fate

Shortly after the Undying Mind's destruction, the timeways of Mercury would become unraveled. Osiris would call upon Guardians to preserve time and find a way for Saint-14 to be saved. The Guardian goes back in time to when the Martyr Mind was draining Saint-14's Light. The Descendants battle with the Guardian who becomes trapped by Agioktis, freeing the Great Titan. Agioktis is destroyed and Saint-14 orders the Guardian to return to their own timeline and to open a portal for him. Even with their numbers, the Descendants are defeated by Saint-14, who emerges from the Infinite Forest years later, and returns to the Last City.


According to multiple Ghost analysis, these Vex are extremely old, in that they have been active for an incalculable span of time—indicating that they may very well have come from the future.

Following the death of Dominus Ghaul, they began to gather on Mercury alongside the Precursors, in order to unite under Panoptes, Infinite Mind.[2]

Notable members

Unique forces


Sol Imminent

Destiny 2


  • In Destiny, the regular Descendants all appear as Majors.[3]
  • The Curse of Osiris expansion saw the introduction of Descendant Harpies and Cyclopses.
  • The Axis Minds, Hagios and Agioktis both mean Saint in Greek. Άγιος meaning Saint. This symbolises the great respect the Descendants had for Saint-14.

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