The Lighthouse (Destiny 2)

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The Lighthouse
Curse of Osiris The Lighthouse.png


Fields of Glass, Mercury

Enemy factions:

Red Legion
Sol Collective

Connecting areas:

Pariah's Refuge

Area type:


Public Events:

Vex Crossroads

Patrol beacons:



The Lighthouse is a landing zone in the Fields of Glass, Mercury. The highest tower features the base of operations for Brother Vance of the Cult of Osiris, overlooking a major Vex hub and the gateway to the Infinite Forest. Red Legion Cabal, survivors from The Almighty, are frequently deployed via Harvester to harass the Vex.

Points of interest[edit]

To the left of the entrance is the Weapons Forge; the player can create 10 Osiris-themed weapons and Saint-14's shotgun, Perfect Paradox, by completing Lost Prophecy quests from Brother Vance, which become available after completing the campaign and Adventures for Mercury.

There is a region chest between the entrance and Brother Vance that is locked behind a force field. To unlock this chest, the player must interact with five books found around the Lighthouse in the correct order.


Lost Sectors
Public Events
World Events


  • According to Brother Vance, the Lighthouse lacks usable electricity.[1]

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