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Bug in the System


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Infinite Forest, Mercury

Bug in the System is a Curse of Osiris adventure in Destiny 2. Osiris and Sagira signal The Guardian and Ghost to stop a simulation involving the Hive.

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Bug in the System is an adventure on Mercury.


Fallen - House of Dusk

Vex - Sol Collective

Hive - Savathûn's Brood

Cabal - Red Legion


Look for Trouble
Enter the Infinite Forest
Step into the past
Disable the security barrier
Eliminate the Hive
Waves - varying

If the Hive swarm the center...

Sync disrupted - Kill the swarming Hive
shutting down - varying percentage
Disable the security barrier
Eliminate the Hive
Retrieve the chest


Guardian picks up the adventure signal.

Ghost: Picking up a signal from Osiris. He and Sagira want us to head into the Forest. Something about an experiment involving the Hive...

The Guardian enters the Infinite Forest.

Ghost: So, the Vex are simulating the Hive to test a new reality path. There's an opportunity here.

Sagira: Go cause trouble. The Vex don't handle 'unexpected input' that well.

Ghost: Mess up the tests, give them nothing but garbage output - I like it!

Sagira: So this is what it feels like when we're in total agreement. Weirrrd.

The Guardian approaches a simulant gateway.

Osiris: The Hive constantly adapt and evolve, generating new mutations as naturally as we breathe. The Vex know this, and seek to catalog and exploit these mutations in real time.

Sagira: So hey, it'd be great if you could smash this simulation before the Vex can learn anything of value.

The Guardian enters the simulant future.

Ghost: Get ready to trash some data!. And by trash, I mean destroy Hive.

The Guardian destroys the barrier.

Ghost: The longer we can hold off the Hive, the more I can corrupt the Vex Data. Get ready!

If the Hive swarms the center...

Ghost: Too many Hive! They're breaking my link to the Vex data stream. They returned power to the barrier. Let's find a Cyclops.

One wave of Hive is defeated...

Ghost: That's one sector down. Let's see if we cant stick it out. The more corrupted data we feed the Vex, the better. Looks like they want to go another round. Knock 'em dead.

The fight goes on...

Ghost: The Forest can generate so many Hive - it might as well be their homeworld.

Sagira: We've thought about that.

Ghost: Have you simulated the Hive homeworld?

Sagira: Didn't go well.

The Guardian kills the Herald Proxy.

Sagira: All done in there? Good. Vex misfortune is one of my favorite things. Of course, with all the bad data you're feeding them, there could be side effects in other simulations. Like...the one you're in. Time to go!

Mission Ends

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