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Sagira is the Ghost who belongs to the legendary Warlock Osiris. She appears in the expansion Curse of Osiris, acting as a guide to the Guardians.[1]

Because Panoptes, Infinite Mind could see Sagira and her Light, Osiris had to send her out of the Infinite Forest for her own safety and to keep himself hidden from Panoptes’ gaze. Sagira was wounded by a Vex blast as she returned to Mercury, where she was found by one of The Hidden and brought to Ikora Rey. Ikora gave Sagira to the Guardian, who attempted to fix her by bringing her to a temple hidden deep within the European Dead Zone. Sagira was placed in a device that fused her consciousness with Ghost, allowing her to temporarily use his body as she guided the player through the Infinite Forest, until her capture by Panoptes.

After Panoptes’ defeat, Sagira returned to Osiris as they bade Ikora and the Guardian farewell.


  • Sagira is the first Ghost to appear radically different from those partnered with the Guardians, and is also the first Ghost other than the player's to be voiced.
  • The name Sagira is Arabic for “little one.”
  • Sagira is the first confirmed female Ghost to appear in-game. Eriana-3's unnamed Ghost was also female,[2] but appeared only in Grimoire. The player's Ghost mentions that Cayde's Ghost was female as well.
  • The player's Ghost and Sagira don't exactly get along well as she "borrowed" his Guardian and used his body. He calls her "Guardian thief" on one occasion, and gets very defensive when Sagira idly suggests that they team up again. On one occasion, when the two actually agree on something, Sagira is disconcerted by this.
  • Sagira initially expressed dislike for Ikora as she led the group that exiled Osiris but admits that the people were not ready for what he had to say. She later expressed admiration when Ikora came up with the idea of looking into the past to find Panoptes, declaring that the idea was "Osiris-level good". Sagira was happy that she, Osiris and Ikora were able to be friends again.


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