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The Mirror


Destiny 2


The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World

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The Mirror is the fifth mission of The Witch Queen expansion.


  • Locate the Psychic Concentration
  • Destroy the Interference
  • Reveal the Path
  • Align the Rune
  • Unveil the Memory


Ikora Rey: Guardian, the psychic energy my Hidden detected is concentrated in this area. Find the source, and you might be able to learn more from Sagira's Shell. It's possible she learned how Savathûn stole the Traveler's Light before she died. There must be some clue here. Search the area. I've delivered the general location data to your Ghost, though I don't have anything precise.

The Guardian approaches the coordinates.

Ghost: I'm sensing Pyramid interference between us and the coordinates Ikora sent. There must be a way to get around it...

The Guardian encounters and defeats a group of Scorn. They then approach a pyramid splinter, which is hovering in the center of the arena.

Ghost: That, right there - that's contributing to the interference. Maybe we can destroy it.

The Guardian destroys the splinter.

Ghost: That helped, but I'm picking up another source of interference. Let's track it down.

The Guardian destroys the second splinter, and enters a cave.

Ghost: Ikora, we encountered pyramid interference. The one on Europa was so welcoming to us. What changed?

Ikora: On Europa, I suspect that your purposes overlapped neatly with the pyramid's. You destroyed the Cabal... it granted you more power. Here, your presence hardly registers. You have nothing to ask for, and nothing to offer. Remember, the pyramid entity considers itself neither our friend nor our enemy.

The Guardian continues on, and finds a Deepsight orb. They activate it, allowing them to traverse deeper into the tunnels. Eventually, they come to a sealed chamber with more Deepsight, splinters, and Scorn. They use Deepsight, which opens up a nearby cave.

Ghost: These old, half-forgotten pathways... that power you're using is making them real again. Rebuilding them through memory.

Ikora: Hopefully, Sagira's shell holds the same potential. With the right concentration of psychic energy, a resonant memory connected to the shell will manifest. But this is all theoretical still. It's never been done.

Ghost: Ikora, we haven't found anything. But I have an odd feeling... sort of like déjà vu.

Ikora: That's consistent with what my Hidden described. Follow that feeling. Take your time. Pick your path carefully. This is our only lead.

The Guardian continues through the caverns, using Deepsight to reveal the path. They encounter another sealed barrier, and destroy another splinter to allow them to continue.

Ghost: Once we learned Savathûn was impersonating Osiris, I wanted to believe Sagira was still alive... trapped somewhere, like him. And that if we played our cards right, we'd free her too. But at least we found her. She can help us out on last time, and then we can bring her home.

The Guardian progresses through many more chambers, filled with scorn and sealed by splinters. Eventually, they emerge into a large, abandoned, hive structure in the center of the cavern.

Ghost: Ikora, I think we found it. There's something here.

Ikora: Find a connection point. We need answers now.

Hordes of Scorn, led by Skirvaa, Abhorred Chieftain, enter the room. The Guardian defeats them all. They notice a Deepsight orb, and activate it. A warped, green symbol appears.

Ghost: Those distorted symbols... I can't quite make them out.

Ghost: Let's look at this from another angle. We might be able to see the symbols better from higher up.

The Guardian aligns the symbols, revealing the insignia of Savathûn. A portal opens at the end of the bridge. The Guardian goes through it and arrives at the Altars of Reflection.

Ghost: What is this place? Ikora, we've been transported somewhere. It doesn't look like the rest of Savathûn's throne world.

Ghost: Ikora?

Ghost: We lost her, Guardian. I guess we're going in alone.

The Guardian approaches another portal, transporting them to an altar. They place Sagira's shell upon it. An apparition of Savathûn appears.

Savathûn: I stand before a being with a thousand names. It whispers one: the Witness. Remember it. Remember that name. It is not Darkness, but something that wears it like a cloak. It gives Darkness a wicked shape. I refuse to be it's servant. I spend centuries crafting schemes, playing tricks, finding loopholes...

The apparition of Savathûn is replaced by one of Osiris.

Savathûn: And then I select my new name. A man with many enemies and few friends. But those friends know secrets... About the light... About new beginnings. My plan takes shape...

The memories fade.

Ghost: That came from Sagira's shell. Like a psychic imprint... a memory. Savathûn's memory. And if that's what it was... It means she used Ikora's relationship with Osiris to learn something about the light. Something dangerous.

The mission ends.




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