Operation: Seraph's Shield

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Operation: Seraph's Shield


Destiny 2


Season of the Seraph



Recommended Power Level:



Seraph Station, Earth

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Operation: Seraph's Shield is an Exotic Mission introduced in Season of the Seraph and can be accessed in the H.E.L.M. Completing this activity on Normal difficulty rewards the Guardian with the Revision Zero Exotic Pulse Rifle; whereas completion on Master difficulty yields the Revision Zero Exotic Catalyst.

With Season of the Witch's release, Operation: Seraph's Shield is now part of the Exotic Mission Rotator.[1]


The mission involves Guardians invading the Seraph Station orbiting Earth, fighting off members of Xivu Arath's Horde and Eramis' House of Salvation. With the end goal of uploading a virus to the station's network, Guardians interact with the three augments from the Deep Stone Crypt (raid) in order to traverse the station, ending in a fight against the Scorn with the reanimated Praksis, the Defiled.


The fireteam lands on Seraph Station's ground entrance.

  • Elisabeth Bray: Everything is in place, I've routed as straight of a path to the launch pad as I could. I don't believe our enemies are aware of what we are attempting but you should still prepare for heavy resistance.

The fireteam clear the way of Hive and Fallen, making their way into the ground facility.

  • Elisabeth Bray: I've gained remote access to the launch facility subsystems but someone is already in here. House Salvation splicers are hacking the main frame You need to find a splicer and liberate the security protocol from it. I won't be able to secure the launch without it

The fireteam prepare the pods

  • Elisabeth Bray: System cleared, launch codes accepted, priming the pods for launch. Guardian, it's time to get in.

The fireteam gets in the pods and ascends.

  • Anastasia Bray: I can't believe it you're actually on Seraph Station. Feed looks good, receiving you loud and clear
  • Elisabeth Bray: You should be able to decompile your scanner protocol by that terminal by the door to gain access. your on the far end of the station so we have a lot of ground to cover. let's get moving.

The fireteam continues forward, utilizing augments to proceed.

  • Elisabeth Bray: We've hit a dead end. I can't bypass security but think I have an idea. Play along, you have to surrender to house salvation. One of Eramis's captains has put an order to capture you alive so that he can present you to her as a trophy. Make some noise to draw their attention it will help sell the bluff.
  • Anastasia Bray: She's here? Of course. That must be how Xivu plans to co-op the Warsat network. the Hive can't do it on its own so the Witness sends Eramis and her splicers to assist.

The fireteam move to surrender.


Fallen - House of Salvation
Hive - Xivu Arath's Horde



As part of the Exotic Mission rotator introduced in Season of the Witch, Operation: Seraph's Shield now can drop the following weapons and armor on completion.


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