Pirate Hideout: The Blademasters

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Pirate Hideout: The Blademasters
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Season of Plunder




8964 Corax, Themis Cluster


Storm Tagh'al and Thagh'urn, the Blademasters' hideout and claim a lost relic.

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Pirate Hideout: The Blademasters is the third of the Pirate Hideouts Arenas of Season of Plunder. The Guardian follows The Spider's directions to the hideout of the Pirate Lords Tagh'al, Blademaster and Thagh'urn, Blademaster to claim the relic they have acquired.[1]


  • Enter the Blademasters' hideout
  • Clear the Crew
  • Enter the Hideout
  • Take Down the Blademasters
  • Clear the Crew (if any remain after the boss' defeat)
  • Claim the Relic


(Mission begins)

  • The Spider: "You've become quite adept at hunting down these pirate lords. Do you think the rest are terrified?[chuckes]"
  • The Spider: "Here, you'll face Tagh’al and Thagh’urn, with four cleavers between them."
  • The Spider: "A strong arm and a sharp edge. Ha! They think that's the only thing they need.”

The Guardian uses his Skeleton Key to open the door, meeting a circular room with a small batch of fallen and cabal.

  • The Spider: "Watch those cleavers, we don't want to tire out your Ghost."

The Guardian then eliminates the crew, taking out both Gladiators and claiming the relic within the arena-like lair.

  • The Spider: "Misraaks hasn't told you any more about these relics, has he? I suppose it's need-to-know..."
  • The Spider: "And misraaks knows."
  • Eido: "Spider! Why are you using a secure channel? Did my father tell you to do so?"
  • The Spider: "Huh? Clever Scribe. No more flattery? Well... Misraaks asked me to keep you at arm's length. Perhaps he doen't want you mixing into our.. unsavory business."

Eido: "Were those his exact words?"

  • The Spider: "Only a guess. Who can say? And after all, Who am i to question the Kell? Hmph."
  • Eido: "Spider?- I will find out what's going on here."

(Mission end)


Fallen and Cabal - Pirates and Deserters


  • This is the only activity of the season where regular "Honored" Cabal are encountered instead of "Outlaw" ones.

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