Pirate Hideout: The Brute

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"This is a dangerous undertaking. These lairs are frequented by many, ah... unsavory types. Speaking of..."
The Spider


Salvage and Salvation


Pirate Hideout: The Sharpshooter

Pirate Hideout: The Brute
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Season of Plunder




64974 Savaria, Themis Cluster


Storm Val'aug, the Brute's hideout and claim a lost relic.

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Pirate Hideout: The Brute is the first of the Pirate Hideouts Arenas of Season of Plunder. The Guardian follows The Spider's directions to the hideout of the Pirate Lord Val'aug, the Brute to claim the relic she has acquired.[1]


  • Enter Val'aug, the Brute's hideout
  • Clear the Pirate Crew
  • Locate Val'aug, the Brute
  • Take Down the Brute
  • Clear the Crew (if any remain after the boss' defeat)
  • Claim the Relic


(Mission Begins)

  • The Spider: "This Pirate Lord is named Val'aug. She's a Cabal defector, but from which side, I couldn't tell you."
  • The Spider: "This is a dangerous undertaking. These lairs are frequented by many, ah... unsavory types. speaking of..."
  • The Spider: "Val'aug has a reputation for heavy-headed brutality, mm. I say you show her some brutality of your own [chuckles]."

The Guardian uses his Skeleton Key to open the door and make their way in the lair, finding and fighting many Cabal and Fallen.

  • The Spider: "It's not just her life. Her pride is on the line. A headless crew is a worthless one. Remove her from the board."

The Guardian then eliminates the crew, Val'aug included, and claims the relic.

  • The Spider: "Ah, antiquities indeed. So this is where the trail leads. Well then, best keep these relics out of Eramis' hands; Don't you agree?"
  • The Spider: "Ah, this would make a wonderful addition to my collection... whatever it is."
  • The Spider: "But I suppose you'll just hand it over to Misraaks and that nosy daughter of his, huh? 'For the good of the Eliksni.' [Scoffs]"
  • The Spider: "Fine. Val'Aug won't be the only one looking for relics like this. Let's hunt them down before Eramis does."

(Mission End)


Fallen and Cabal - Pirates and Deserters

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