Vox Obscura

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Operation: Seraph's Shield

Vox Obscura


Destiny 2


Season of the Risen



Recommended Power Level:

1570 (Normal)
1600 (Master)


The Barrens, Scablands, Mars


• Stop the Mysterious Psionic Broadcasts.
• Defeat Qabix, Insurgent.

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"A Psionic propaganda transmission threatens the Vanguard's Cabal allies. Breach the rebel stronghold to discover who is behind the new Psionic offensive."
— Mission description

Vox Obscura is an Exotic Mission added with Season of the Risen that can be accessed from Savathûn's Throne World. [1]

The quest becomes available after completing the first four steps of the Operation Elbrus Quest. After talking with Saladin Forge in the H.E.L.M., Empress Caiatl will show up at the War Table and brief you on the mission. She will then give you the Exotic Quest named Kill the Messenger. When the quest has been completed, you will be rewarded with the Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher. When the Master variant of this mission is cleared, you will be rewarded with the Dead Messenger Exotic catalyst. Each run of the quest also has a chance to drop the Ivory Empress exotic Sparrow.


The Exotic Quest takes place in Meridian Bay, on Mars. Caiatl's Psions have intercepted a Psionic broadcast that is persuading those with Psionic abilities to defect from Caiatl's Cabal and join their Psion conclave, which is allied with the Black Fleet. Caiatl says that she cannot be seen fighting her own people, so she sends in the Guardian to deal with the Psionic propaganda and shut it off. Commander Zavala accompanies the Guardian on the comms while Amanda Holliday provides air support around the bunker where the broadcasts are coming from.

The Guardian fights past Cabal forces around the bunker, forcing their way inside until they eventually reach the source of the Psionic broadcasts, where they find Qabix, Insurgent. Upon killing the Psion, the Guardian stops the Psionic broadcast. After this, the Guardian finds a treasure room containing artifacts from the Leviathan, containing the Dead Messenger Exotic Grenade Launcher. Upon claiming the Dead Messenger, Caiatl utilises Psion Cabal technology that allows her to see the Psionic broadcasts. She describes how she sees the silhouette of a Psion leading a Cabal Legion. She says how they are crowded around a golden statue of Emperor Calus, and behind them is a black Pyramid. She talks about how Calus's hands are outstretched, how his voice is promising her refuge, and promising her Salvation.

Despite clearing out the bunker in the previous week, the Vanguard and Cabal coalition discover that the base has been rebuilt and restaffed in the next, almost as if no assault had taken place, and the broadcasts have resumed. Caiatl presumes this is a result of interference from her father, Calus, who must be using his cloning facilities upon the Leviathan to continue the militant actions of the insurgents. Week after week, the coalition clear out the base, discovering new layers to the Psionic broadcasts. Caiatl witnesses a city besieged, Eramis revived from her frozen prison, the Leviathan reborn and the Traveler itself infected with Darkness.


  • Sneak into the Hangar
  • Steal an Interceptor
  • Clear the Airfield
  • Vehicular Assault
  • Eliminate Goliath Tanks
  • Destroy the Signal Towers
  • Blast Open the Bunker Door
  • Race to the Control Room


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The fireteam lands in Meridian Bay on Mars.

  • CAIATL: I cannot be seen deploying my forces here. Instead, I must rely on my new Vanguard allies.
  • ZAVALA: This operation is in both our best interests. Find out who's behind those transmissions. Shut them down.

The fireteam makes their way through the base.

  • CAIATL: I have a pleasant surprise for you. Something that I'm sure will make an impact. But first, the airspace must be cleared.
  • ZAVALA: You heard the empress. Steal one of those Interceptors, and take out those flak cannons.

The fireteam continues through the base until they come across a few Interceptors.

  • CAIATL: Orbital bombardment incoming. Make haste.
  • ZAVALA: Whoever's behind this operation is willing to sacrifice their base to destroy the evidence.
  • CAIATL: In my Legions, those inside would do it themselves.

The fireteam steals an Interceptor and destroys a Goliath Tank.

  • AMANDA: Heads up, Guardian! I got a ten-ton present for ya. Hope you're ready to eat, 'cause this baby's hungry for action!

The Guardians use a Drake Tank to move past the Cabal and continue to the site of the broadcasts.

  • CAIATL: I admit: watching the Guardian crush these defectors... It stirs something in me.
  • ZAVALA: Fighting against your own people can't be easy.
  • CAIATL: They are not my people.

The Guardian makes their way to the Scablands.


Cabal - Cabal Deserters/Psion Conclave


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