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Hostile races:

Lucent Brood


PsiOps Battleground: EDZ
PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome
PsiOps Battleground: Moon


A Mindscape is the mental projection of a living creature's inner world. Accessing or creating a mindscape is no simple task, requiring powerful psionic or paracausal abilities.


Guardians first encountered a Mindscape when they faced the exiled Cabal Emperor Calus in his Throne room on the Leviathan. Also called his Nightmare Realm, the Emperor created this space by connecting with the psychic concert of his Councilors, and used it to torture and detain his foes.

Many years later, the Opti of the Imperial Cabal would aid the Guardians in the War with the Lucent Brood by projecting the Mindscapes of weakened Lightbearer Hive, where the Fireteams could sever their Light but leave them in suspended animation for further psychic analysis.

When the Derelict Leviathan returned in the orbit of the Moon, Eris Morn would find a large concentration of psychic energy in an effigy of Emperor Calus located in the Tribute Hall. Setting up a containment field, she managed to project a guardian fireteam into it, so that they could glean knowledge of Calus's plans from his fractured mind.


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