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Ikora Rey
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"Respected among all Orders, Ikora Rey tutors new Warlocks with a lifetime of hard-earned knowledge."
—In-game description

Ikora Rey is a human and the Vanguard for the Warlock class, located within the Tower. Rey's extensive knowledge of her field has earned her respect "among all Orders." Ikora Rey sells Warlock armor and emblems, but will also sometimes assist in some exotic weapon bounties such as A Dubious Task.[1]


"Ikora looks at me with one of those looks that—you know sometimes you talk to Ikora and you just think, wow, you are not even using a fraction of your brain on me, are you? One of those looks."

Ikora started her career as an iconoclastic Guardian, with a reputation for being outspoken and impatient with the dogma of her peers. She had a very colorful life on the battlefield, whether fighting in the Crucible or doing solo missions and getting shot down repeatedly, surviving against all odds. Her experience gave her a wealth of knowledge and newfound respect among her fellow Warlocks.[2] Even so, she apparently has a reputation for being scary, including a rumor that she can turn people into frogs.

Ikora's role in the Vanguard is to study enemy threats, particularly any unconventional threats posed by the forces of Darkness, and is typically the first to react to them. She employs a group of spies called The Hidden to go behind enemy lines, serving as her eyes and ears. Ikora is the only one who listens to one of these spies, Eris Morn, whom others call mad or avoid out of fear. She tasks Guardians with stopping construction of The Nexus on Venus, the summoning of Phogoth on the Moon, and the attempt to return the Black Garden to the Darkness.[1]


  • "Prepare the feed. Mars, near Freehold."
  • "Do you hear that? The voices? Sounds like, chanting."
  • "Hmm, do you sense it too?"
  • "Osiris knew things he couldn't back. Must've driven him mad."
  • "Tell me this: What is Oryx?"[1]
  • "Come back safe."
  • "Do you... voice it... sounds like chanting."
  • "Do I scare you Guardian?"
  • "For your crusades."
  • "I assure you, the things they say about me aren't... all true."
  • "I can make you speak, if I wanted to."
  • "If this is some kind of game, I don't have time."
  • "I'm nothing to be frightened of, Guardian."
  • "I've got good feeling about you, Guardian."
  • "I've got my eye on you."
  • "Hmm, it's merely bent. It's yet to break."
  • "Oh, come on! I don't turn people into frogs, or whatever you heard."
  • "Oh, that's tempting... that's so tempting."
  • "Something pushing back, a consciousness. Not human."
  • "Speak, Guardian. I'm not that scary."
  • "Speak, if you think you sense something. Don't be shy!"
  • "The Dark is relentless, Guardian."
  • "The Light is your greatest weapon, Guardian."
  • "We can help you, Guardian."
  • "We expect great things of you."
  • "Wield the Light."
  • "Tell Cayde, I'm not falling for it again."
  • "It's like the time I had that stare-off with Brask.... Did I say that out loud?"
  • "Tired of punching everything?" - to Titans



  • Ikora Rey is voiced by Gina Torres who also portrayed Zoe Washburne in the TV series Firefly.
  • Ikora possess her own collection of books and tomes of rare quality. She has such a collection that she has few books that she doesn't own. As such, she was impressed and grateful with Eva Levante's Dawning gift of books.

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